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What is the status of Code 3 with the production of Star Wars items in the future? I have not heard of anything new - did they loose their license with Lucasfilm? I was really hoping to see a regular TIE Fighter produced to go with the X-Wing. -Brian H


Have you heard anything lately regarding the news on Code 3 making The Phantom Menace and Attack Of The Clones 3D posters, the final two sculpts left in the series. I remember them putting out a statement over six months ago saying they would do them, but I haven't heard anything about them since then. Now that I mention it, I haven't heard really anything lately from Code 3. Are they still alive and kicking?? -Frank P. (Brooklyn, New York)

While I haven’t seen any official announcement from them or LucasCo., I think it’s pretty clear Code 3 has quietly stepped out of the Star Wars business. That, or someone over there is doing a really poor job of marketing. Nothing new has been announced, nothing new has been released, and nothing new has been shown for well over a year now. (Was Celebration III their last convention appearance…?) As competitive as things seem to be getting between all the Star Wars licensees, it looks like Code 3 just had a hard time securing their niche and making it work for them.

The last 3D poster that was released was the Entertainment Earth exclusive San Diego Comic Con edition from last year. Since then we’ve heard nothing from Code 3, not even a hint that they plan to release posters for Episodes I and II. Given their complete silence in the area of Star Wars, I’d say we’ll most likely never see these released.

Has Hasbro released any info on a possible 3¾-inch scale AT-TE? And if not, what do you think of it's chances of being made any time soon?

There’s been no info on a potential release of an AT-TE, and everything Hasbro has said to date indicates they simply can’t justify the cost to design and produce it given the current market for large toys. Hopefully, that ‘may’ change once the Clone Wars Animated series starts up (and once a little more is known about the live action series) if it looks like this vehicle will see a decent amount of screen time. Let’s face it, if it’s featured and kids are hooked on the show, many doors open for Hasbro to do things they normally couldn’t. Even better than a movie, an ongoing series keeps the property at the forefront of kid’s attention span and play patterns. I would think that with the animated series and live action series, if they’re successful, Hasbro should be able to take advantage of the heightened exposure and do more things like the AT-TE.

Do you think that we will ever see a Darth Vader with removable helmet that comes off in two pieces instead of just the one?

While anything is possible, I kinda don’t think so. As small as the parts would have to be, and the added layers of plastic, I think it would just be too much to work properly and/or look half way decent.

Is The Force Unleashed delayed because Lucas art is making a PC version of the game?

I have not heard of this being the reason, nor would I expect it to be. Most likely it’s just an issue with the game play that they need a little more time to iron out. I understand there’s been a considerable outcry for a PC version, but I think one of the main ‘features’ of this game is to get fans to trade up to the next generation consoles. There may be a chance that once the game has been out for a while a PC version will be released, but initially I think it’s all about helping to sell the higher end machines.

It was my birthday last week. One of my presents was the new Jedi Training on Dagobah. So I open it up and brought it to my basement. (My basement has brown rug.) So today, I knocked Yoda off the shelf when I went to pick it up. I noticed that he did not have his cane. I looked for 30 minutes and cannot find it. I do not want to spend my money on a whole new pack; I just want a new cane. Were can I buy one? (Except eBay.) -Sam

Happy Birthday Sam! You may not have to buy one, I’d suggest visiting the Hasbro website and looking up the lost or replacement part section. They should be able to help you out, the set is still relatively new, but be prepared to send the whole thing back for a new replacement set. Other than that there really isn’t anyplace out there that sells parts like this other than eBay or the random comic/collector shop.

Here's one that's been bugging me for a while: Why do fans want a Yarna d'al' Gargan figure? I just feel like I'm the only Star Wars fan that doesn't want a figure of her. I have a feeling if it were released, of course the first few months it would be hard to find but after that it'd prob be a big peg warmer. I sometimes feel like I am the only one who feels this way. I'm sure some fans would prob want a new Jedi or Clone Trooper Stormtrooper or even a new Super Articulated version of a character. In my opinion that'd be more fun that a six-breasted fat lady that had 2 second of screen time. Even though Hasbro has made some characters that have had 2 second of screen time (or none) but, at least they were cool looking. It just seems like on every site if there is a Q & A and pretty much EVERY OTHER WEEK with the Hasbro Q&A they are asking for this figure. What are your views on this? PLEASE tell me I'm not alone! -Rusty Crowe

While I can’t speak for everyone, I think it comes down to two main reasons why fans want this figure. First, Star Wars has always been a hot bed for the bizarre and unusual. Ever since the cantina scene in A New Hope fans have been drawn to the creatures and aliens that inhabit that galaxy. Yarna is another one of those aliens that people have latched onto and noted as an integral part of Jabba’s Court. To them, their display or diorama won’t be complete until they have her somewhere in the background. Second, it has been well documented that Kenner originally planned to add this character to their line back in the ‘80s. Having that “almost made it” link to the vintage line sorta makes Yarna a sentimental favorite for fans that have been with the line from very early on. I can certainly see where newer fans may look at her and scratch their heads in wonder, but I think everyone should be able to agree that the line is plenty big enough for Hasbro to include Yarna before all is said and done.

I love the Senate Pods that Hasbro released last year in the Skirmish in the Senate Battle Pack. I bought several packs in hopes of mounting the pods to make a mini Senate diorama.

Unfortunately, I have not found a good way to mount the pods. Looking at them underneath, it would appear that it could be easily done with just the right hardware...but, what hardware is best? I've tried several different designs of metal clothes hooks...but none seem to fit just right.

Short of drilling holes in the pods, has anyone found a way to successfully mount these?

- Obi Wan BRENTobi

Considering you don’t really have much to work with, you almost have to come up with some kind of custom stand or wall-mounted base to pull this off. I don’t see anything on the bottom of the pod that suggests you can use anything right off the shelf. What would be really cool is a clear plastic stand (with base) that has fittings to match the underside of the toy. Unfortunately putting something together like that could be fairly cost prohibitive. Dan did show off a neat little display system a few weeks ago; the FlexiDisplay adjustable stand. You might have an issue with the size of the pod and getting it to sit correctly on the prongs, but it’s going to be the closest thing to a custom stand for the toy.

I have a couple of questions: #1 Relating to the titanium figures, has it been confirmed that there was a patina version of the Lava Vader exclusive from Target? If so is there a package difference that would make it more easier to spot like the original one that showed "vintage finish" on the front of the package? #2 Is Hasbro really rolling out another Vader Advanced Tie Fighter Transformer on a new TAC card? I saw this on Hasbro's website but cannot believe they would roll it out a third time. There are already two different package versions from 2005 and 2006. I know you can get to the bottom of these mysteries. Mahalo -Rich S.

I do not recall there be anything on the box to indicate the patina Lava Vader featured a “vintage finish.” All I know is that I held two in my hands that were clearly very different from one another; one being black, the other more silver. I could kick myself now for not caring more about this line to pick up the patina version, just to show that in fact existed, but I think I just felt the way the majority of other fans felt about the line – it just wasn’t worth the price.

2005? I didn’t think the line came out until 2006… We do show the Canadian (Tri-logo) package variation in our archives, but other than that the 30AC version is only the second domestic package change that I know of. In any event, this is how toy companies make money and continue to produce toy lines. If Hasbro can continue to sell a toy they developed two years ago their profitability on that toy just gets better and better. The more profitable the Star Wars line is for Hasbro, the longer they can keep it going and add more things to the line. Granted variation chasers can’t be happy with repacks, but if Hasbro can put it out there and it continues to sell, it’s nothin’ but a good thing.

With the highly successful trend of making Star Wars Figures from Comics, do you think that there is a chance for Hasbro to make any of the Republic figures like the Clone troopers (other than the 501st) from the Battlefront II video game? I have collected for a while, but I really concentrate on the Clone and Imperial figures. I guess everybody has their fav's! -Jim L.

Hard to say how far Hasbro will go with these comic/game based figures. Where it’s a simple repaint they may be more likely to put it out there, where it would require new tooling it might not have that great a chance. When it comes to clones/army builders, the chances may be better than anyone would expect. One thing that may help is a new version of the game, say a Battlefront III… Still, timing a toy with a comic or game takes a lot of coordination, often times between two companies that are operating in two entirely different ways. Just look at what’s happened with the Force Unleashed game. Like they have done with the comics, I’d really like to see Hasbro release a line of game based figure 2-packs that includes a playable demo of the game they’re from. You would undoubtedly run into format issues between PC, Xbox, Play Station, Game Cube, etc. (probably so much so that it would be impossible to do), but I really think this is the best way to go back and cover some of the characters from the earlier games, and get kids to start looking at these older games again.

I am a big fan of the new Unleashed 7-inch line that comes in the tube-style packaging. I just picked up the Obi-Wan and Anakin re-packs at Wal-Mart as well as the repaint Shadow Stormtrooper. I would like to see the previously released Unleashed figures such as Stormtrooper, Darth Maul, Yoda, and others in the new packaging. Is this in Hasbro's plans in the future? Any word of new figures that aren't repacks or repaints in the future as well?

I’m not sure I completely understand what Hasbro’s ‘plan’ for this particular line is. Considering the number of Anakin and Obi-Wan figures I see cluttering the shelves at the one Wal-Mart in my area that has actually bothered to stock them, it would appear Hasbro may be trying to kill it off once and for all. These two figures were not all that hard to find a little over a year ago, why they’re back and something like the standard Stormtrooper, Aura Sing, or IG-88 isn’t is slightly puzzling. Sure, they’re heroes, main characters, more recognizable to kids and parents, but Hasbro’s already pretty much conceded that this line is geared towards teen collectors and up. Why not put the figures out there that have been harder to find? As for new characters, there are always a few little rumors here and there, but I don’t get the impression from Hasbro that they see much of future for this line, and I honestly doubt they’re seriously considering investing more money into a line that has essentially been relegated to “exclusive only” status. Without plans to get this line back into general retail distribution, I can’t see Hasbro developing any new characters. Until then, or until retail loses interest completely, the best we can hope for are more repackaged figures.

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