FlexiDisplay - The ADJUSTABLE Display Stand

This FlexiDisplay square base is made of acrylic with 3 round holes cut into the top. A rubber bumper is attached to each corner on the bottom to protect not only the base itself, but also the surface it is place on. The three support rods are also made out of acrylic, although the ends are sheathed with aluminum for strength. The tips are rubber bumpers which will not only protect the displayed vehicle, but they also grip it into position. Although the stands were originally used for aircraft models, the stands can also be used for Star Wars vehicles.

Different ships have different needs
There are 3 different sizes of FlexiDisplay stands available: 2.5", 4", and 6". The bases is the same for each one, it's only the length of the support rods that is different.

Each FlexiDisplay stand is packed in a sturdy generic white box with illustrations showing examples of the stand in uses, as well as some items that it can support. The sides of the boxes indicate the base shape and the rod length. The box indicates a round base, although this is no longer available, since it was found that the round base was not as stable as the square base. (It might be brought back after a few "slight modifications" are made to it.) The plastic shipping tray holds all the pieces securely in place, and it is worth noting that the trays for the rods are the maximum size; all sizes will fit into the grooves.

Some assembly required
The are some very easy assembly instructions included with each FlexiDisplay. Each stand can be assembled in seconds...all you need is a screwdriver. One thing to note: it's important to keep the central cover even and not overtighten any screw more than the others. The result is that one support rod will become very loose and will constantly fall over, therby not supporting anything. If this does happen, simply adjust the screws so the cover is level, and you're good to go.

Show off your ships!
The suggested maximum weight limit for each FlexiDisplay stand is 2 pounds. However, with a little creative adjusting, some larger vehicles (up to 5 pounds) can also be used, such as the Imperial Shuttle show above. There is a danger to this however, as the support rods may shift with larger vehicles, and your display could come crashing down.

Mixing it up a bit
To make your FlexiDisplay a little more...well, flexible, and get more dynamic poses from the vehicles, it's possible to mix the support rods up a bit. Simply unscrew the cover and insert the different sized rods. Then just reattach the cover, and the FlexiDisplay is ready!

Create your own scenes!
By using several different sizes of the FlexiDisplay stands, more dynamic scenes can be created. Vehicles can be posed in engaging dogfights, flyby runs, or landing into the midst of a battle. The Republic Gunship scene above uses all three sizes, supporting the back and front of the ship (since there's no center floor), and also providing a smaller support so action figures can "jump" onto the ground, ready for battle.

Ordering Instructions
Where can you order a FlexiDisplay stand for yourself?
In June 2006, Lost and Found Toys, Inc. acquired the rights to manufacture the FlexiDisplay stand. They can be ordered directly from their website.