(Star Wars Animated)

(The Empire Strikes Back)

Year: 2006

Assortment: Star Wars Animated

Retail: $80.00

Item Number: 8673

Limited Edition: 500

Comments: As right-hand man to the Emperor, Darth Vader enforces command and obedience wherever he treads. But humanity remains, as one day he will revolt and defeat the Emperor to save his son, Luke Skywalker.

_MG_9673.JPG _MG_9674.JPG _MG_9675.JPG _MG_9676.JPG
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_MG_9681.JPG _MG_9683.JPG _MG_9685.JPG _MG_9686.JPG
_MG_9687.JPG _MG_9689.JPG _MG_9690.JPG _MG_9693.JPG
_MG_9694.JPG _MG_9695.JPG _MG_9696.JPG _MG_9697.JPG
_MG_9698.JPG _MG_9699.JPG _MG_9701.JPG _MG_9702.JPG
_MG_9703.JPG _MG_9704.JPG _MG_9705.JPG all.JPG

Points of Interest:

  • The name on the base is misspelled "Dath Vader".
  • The production run for this statue is limited to 500: 250 available in Japan, 250 available in the US.
  • Photography by Dave Myatt

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