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The 2015 International Toy Fair has brought Rebelscum back to New York City for the fifteenth time to cover all the major Star Wars licensees possible! This year marked two major milestones with our lead photographer D. Martin Myatt celebrating ten consecutive years covering this event for you at home, and our site's designer Chris H. notching his first Toy Fair on his equally impressive globetrotting event belt.

This year proved to be unique as many licensees were sworn to secrecy due to Disney's first Star Wars feature film still ten months away from release. Because of this, our coverage team found themselves dealing with sealed lips and backrooms that could only be accessed after signing NDAs, leaving us in a position where we can say nothing specific about what we were presented, save it was all awesome. Despite all of this, there was still a lot of Star Wars products on display and information made available to insure for another year of living Star Wars without roadblocks or compromises.

As always, you can find all the non-Star Wars coverage on Cool Toy Review.


One of the themes that continued to reoccur at the 2015 International Toy Fair was the September packaging refresh. While The Force Awakens packaging designs were not displayed out in the open, many licensees confirmed the products they had on display would be repackaged for the big product launch. That said, products like Bladez Toyz' Radio Control Inflatable R2-D2, Yoda, and Darth Vader may see a very limited release in Rebels packaging. Follow this link to check out the Star Wars products displayed in their booth.


The Bluefin Distribution booth didn't have a lot of Star Wars stuff present, but what was there is pretty exciting. Follow the link above to check out the Bandai Tamashii Nations Movie Realization Samurai Taishou Darth Vader and Stormtrooper 7-inch action figures Beast Kingdom Egg Attack light up Darth Vader and prototype Stormtrooper figures.


There were new Photomosaic puzzles on display in the Buffalo Games & Puzzles booth. Follow this link above to see what images have been selected for the third wave in their ongoing series.


Comic Images' display wasn't that dissimilar from many other licensees we visited at the 2015 International Toy Fair. The products were more or less familiar, and all hopes hung on The Force Awakens banner that both said nothing and spoke volumes. Follow this link to have a look at their booth.


It's always fun to visit the Fantasy Flight Games booth, and their display was just as impressive as ever. The utter quality of their game pieces make these affordable sets perfect for non-play collecting as well as game related purchases. Follow the link above to have a closer look at all they had to show.


We were happy to visit with Fascinations at the 2015 International Toy Fair, and even more pleased to see their Star Wars Metal Earth 3D Model Kits collection would continue forward into 2015, and the Rebels packaging would give way to The Force Awakens influenced packaging design once Disney's giant product release is underway (much) later this year. Follow the link above to have a look at what they had on display.


One of the more interesting Star Wars product displays we saw was at the massive Funko booth, which has doubled in size since last year. We're particularly pleased with their Hikari limited edition vinyl collection that offers collectors something more attuned to urban vinyl collecting with short run colorways and (brilliantly) exaggerated sculpt designs. Also revealed is the long awaited Super Showgun Boba Fett and the surprise Shadow Trooper. Follow this link to have a closer look at all the Star Wars they presented to potential buyers.


The absence of information on the action figure lines you love during the presentation paved way to the reality of what was displayed in the Hasbro 2015 International Toy Fair showroom. As much as it break our hearts, there wasn't a single new figure revealed. There was plenty of other stuff so there is still a gallery to look at, but not of what we've all come to expect from Hasbro. Clearly there is a larger picture here that isn't just yet completely revealed, but the popular lines amongst their team was "We're not ready to show you anything" and "We can't discuss our plans just yet." On a positive note, they have said that they "love The Black Series" and it will not come to an end any time soon, adding that they love and will continue to support "all scales". Thankfully, they had Furby.


You don't have to be an R2-D2 collector to see how cool Imperial's R2-D2 Bubble Machine is (though we're sure a certain dome-loving Scummer could list off 327 reasons this upcoming release is awesome), but if you need a bit more convincing you should check out this gallery of their booth.


JAKKS Pacific held a special event in a private showroom displaying many of their upcoming releases including a large selection of Star Wars figures including the 31-inch Yoda and R2-D2 and the 20-inch Bossk, Docking Bay 94 Luke Skywalker, Greedo, Sandtrooper, and Death Star Duel Luke Skywalker. Follow this link to check them out!


Heads up for our completist friends! There was new Star Wars stuff everywhere, including Jelly-Belly, who had two new Star Wars items in their booth. Click the thumbnails above to check out the Star Wars Bean Machine and the 20 Assorted Flavors Jelly Bean Boxed Gift Set.


Kotobukiya's booth included all four of their A New Hope ARTFX+ gang displayed together, the Celebration Anaheim R3-A2 with K-3PO set, and the prototype for the Snowtrooper two pack. The latter will follow the design of previously released sets, such as the Sandtrooper set, which includes switch out parts to allow for army building. Follow this link to have a closer look!


Early on the first day of the 2015 International Toy Fair LEGO hosted a sneak preview event in their showroom. We began our event coverage with a gallery showing off all the Star Wars products on display in the LEGO showroom. Follow this link to check out all the exciting new sets they have planned for release this year!

Every year, as if a reward for making everyone wake up very early, LEGO gifts all in attendance at their preview event with something exclusive to said event. For 2015, it was a high quality printed poster. Click the two thumbnails above to have a high resolution look at the images printed on this two-sided exclusive which boasts a print edition limited at around 100 copies.


Going into their second year with the Star Wars license, Mattel had surprisingly little on display in their Sneak Peek Event. That said, we loved everything we saw. Follow this link to have a look at all they had on display. We were made aware that there is more stuff on display in their main showroom, But were unable to arrange a viewing. Hopefully next year, their PR people will find a way to get the press past their showroom receptionist from hell.


Following Mattel's star Wars Hot Wheels collection, Neat-Oh!'s booth featured many Star Wars items intended on storing and interacting with the aforementioned character and movie cars hitting shelves in Rebels packaging. If retailer buyers bite, you can expect to see at least two car storage containers, a play mat, and two storage containers. Follow this link to see all the Star Wars stuff on display, and if you wear a completist badge, do note, the packaging is slated to be updated for The Force Awakens product onslaught this September.


There were a few Star Wars items on display in the QMX booth. Follow this link to have a closer look.


Revell's booth had the only The Force Awakens mock up packaging we could find without signing a NDA, and we were excited to see it. The information embargo was ironclad and everyone was keeping their lips sealed. Click the thumbnails above to have a closer look at their Star Wars display.


Every year we see new Star Wars licensees joining the game, and the 2015 International Toy Fair was no exception. This year was the first time Roxo had Star Wars items on display. While they wouldn't let us shoot everything and weren't too keen on us even discussing what we saw, they were more than happy to let us show you their Light Up Charm collection. Since not everyone needs action figures to live Star Wars this product line may very well serve as a perfect entry level for some kids. Follow this link to have a closer look.


There were a few new things on display in the Tech 4 Kids booth. Click the thumbnails above to have a closer look at their latest offerings.


There is always something interesting in the ThinkGeek booth. When looking through this gallery, take note that it is all mock up packaging, and it is not likely any of these items will be released with the Rebels colors, and if any of them do, you can expect them to be in short supply with the massive September launch of The Force Awakens products. Follow the link above to see what they have planned for release in 2015 (and 2016 in the case of the Death Star Waffle Maker).


We didn't spot anything new in The Tin Box Company's booth, but for collectors of this sort of thing, there may be something there that they have not seen before. Follow this link to see all their Star Wars offerings.


This years Uncle Milton offer some great new products in their Star Wars Science line including The Force Trainer II: Hologram Experience (which takes the original concept to a much more interactive world), the Jedi Force Levitator, the Lightsaber Crystal Growing Lab, the Jedi Holocron, the Millennium Falcon UV Light Blaster, and the Galactic Battle Wonderscope. Follow the link above to check out the full gallery!


Unlicensed products have been a part of Star Wars collecting since 1977, and for some, it is the absolute focus of their collections. Lucasfilm has always let things go under the radar so long as they aren't mass produced, so we're interested to see what they'll do with Wiz Head. This is the first time we've seen this company but their booth had four admittedly unlicensed Star Wars puzzles displayed. They were a bit cagey when we inquired, so we don't have much more to add. Click the thumbnails above for a closer look at some products that may yet hit a licensing roadblock.


Our friends at Yomega had a new assortment of Yo-Yos on display in their booth and provided information on their upcoming Star Wars Battle Ballerz collection, which is slated to start off with your favorite characters in the existing Star Wars universe and follow up with The Force Awakens packaging and assortments when the film's products begin to roll out. Follow this link to see what's coming from Yomega.