By D. Martin Myatt, Nick Napoli, & B. Acree
February 16-19, 2019

It was anyone's guess what we'd see at the 2019 International Toy Fair in New York City. After a challenging year at retail, and the upcoming Star Wars feature film being lead by secrecy-obsessed Bad Robot director J.J. Abrams, we knew there would be less surprises this year than in years past. Many of the companies we visited had nothing new on display, and others had moved on to other challenges. Star Wars mainstays Mattel and Kotobukiya weren't displaying any new products, but both companies confirmed they have upcoming releases based on the characters from a galaxy far, far away, but couldn't discuss them due to Lucasfilm's Episode IX marketing plan.

The Force Is Strong With Bandai Spirits Hobby & Tamashii Nations

Bluefin Distribution had many Bandai Spirits Hobby and Tamashii Nations Star Wars collectibles on display including the North American reveal of the stunning Ashigaru Daisho Captain Phasma Meisho Movie Realization figure. Click this link to check out the whole gallery!

What Has One Arm, No Head, And Is Filled With Coffee?

Following the mobile phone holders they displayed a year earlier, Exquisite Gaming revealed their next step into a larger world with their character coffee cups and Espresso sets featuring four cups, saucers, and spoons. The imperial set included Star Destroyer saucers, spoons with the Imperial insignia on them, and cups of a Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and Grand Moff Tarkin. The rebel set included Millennium Falcon coasters, Rebellion insignia on the spoons, and cups of Chewbacca, Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, and Princess Leia. Expect these to retail around $30 and come in a gift box set. Follow this link to view the full gallery.

Star Wars Inspired Collectibles Pop Up At This Washington Based Company's Booth Yet Again!

A recurring theme we heard while making our way through the Javitz Center in New York City covering the 2019 International Toy Fair, was that companies holding the Star Wars license had nothing to show in accordance to the embargo placed on Episode IX themed products. Funko was one of these companies, but unlike others, they made sure to display collectibles from a galaxy far, far away in their showroom to keep Star Wars in the conversation. Follow this link to have a closer look on what they had on display!

Diamond Select Toys Give Collectors A New Hope With Bold Acquisition!

With the purchase of Gentle Giant Ltd, Diamond Select Toys is back in the Star Wars game. At least for the time being. While they currently don't have a license in place with Lucasfilm, they are able to fulfill the items solicited by GGltd. We expect to see the license agreement with Lucasfilm worked out before Celebration. Follow this link to have a look at the Star Wars stuff they had in their showroom!

Hasbro The Vintage Collection Display

Hasbro blew minds with some cool additions to The Vintage Collection. In the wake of the Haslab Sail Barge success, Hasbro displayed a few new amazing themed additions to the popular line including the Walmart exclusive Lando Calrissian (Skiff Guard Disguise) single carded figure, which is a retooled release making it the right height, the Walmart exclusive Jabba The Hutt's Palace playset, which features TVC single carded Han Solo and Ree-Yees figures, the online exclusive Skiff Guard three pack that offers the brand new Vedain and repacks of Vizam and Jabba’s Skiff Guard, along with the stunning new Tatooine Skiff! Follow this link to see all the cool new reveals on display!

The Black Series Display

Due to the embargoes Hasbro is under for Episode IX and The Mandalorian, there were not a lot of new product reveals for The Black Series in their showroom, but what there was was very well received. While not shown in their showroom, Hasbro did announce a packaging redesign for The Black Series is on its way. Expect to see it hit retail with the Triple Force Friday event.

The first release in the HyperReal collection was displayed and Hasbro encouraged attendees to give it a whirl! This new scale features an articulated stainless steel / plastic skeleton under a soft, pliable rubber body. The line wil launch with The Empire Strikes Back Darth Vader. It is designed to recreate every iconic pose in the film without compromising the figure with visible points of articulation. It is an incredibly detailed and well balanced figure that will look great on any shelf without talking up the real estate a 1/6 scale figure requires. The figure is packaged dynamically posed in a premium display box along with switch out hands and his Lightsaber. This new scale allows the fabric of his cape and tunic to drape appropriately. Hasbro plans on releasing two figures a year, making it a nice slow-growth collection. The next one will be announced at Celebration. It’s been strongly hinted as being Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues)...

Click this link to have a closer look at the full display which includes the HyperReal Darth Vader and the Celebration exclusive Episode One Darth Maul and Obi-Wan Kenobi figures!!

Introducing The Retro Collection!

One of the most exciting things we saw at the 2019 Toy Fair was Hasbro's Star Wars Retro Line. Hasbro will be producing this collection of action figures based on the classic Kenner action figures. Like the rocket-firing Boba Fett released in The Vintage Collection, these figures are new sculpts and are just a bit bigger than the originals. The line will offer newer collectors an alternative to the vintage market prices and gives collectors of the original line some new figures to fill in a hole left when the collection in 1985!

The Retro Kenner 3.75-inch collection will launch with six single carded figures including Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia Organa, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, and Stormtrooper along with the Escape From Death Star Game board game which will include the very first classic Kenner style Grand Moff Tarkin carded action figure. All seven figures will be sold in the U.S. exclusively at Target. No word on where they'll be sold outside of the U.S.

Click this link to see all seven pieces in the line!

The Haslab Sail Barge & Galactic Heroes Gallery

Beyond the main Star Wars display, Hasbro has Star Wars toys and collectibles on exhibit another corners of their showroom, including the Haslab Sail Barge, and Galactic Heroes figures. Click this link to have a closer look!

Official Photography Gallery

After their presentation at the New York Times building, Hasbro released a digital press kit with included a selection of official images from their 2019 Toy Fair reveals. Follow this link for the details and click here for the photo gallery.

With One Small Move, LEGO Assured Us All Is Good.

Our coverage of the 2019 International Toy Fair, like many years past, began with an early morning visit to the LEGO showroom. The gallery linked below features all the Star Wars stuff they had on display that day, including many items already released, mixed in the display however, was a selection of their upcoming 20th Anniversary sets that feature special reissues of the original 1999 yellow mini figures that came in the initial assortment in their Star Wars collection. Follow this link to have a closer look at everything!

The New Jersey Toy Makers Find Their Way Back To A Galaxy Far, Far Away...

There were Star Wars stuff on display in the NECA showroom... Something that hasn't happened since 2002! Follow this link to the Clapper and Chia Pets on display. Collectors keen on the pottery that grows will be pleased to know that NECA plans on continuing their Chia Pet line with more Star Wars characters!

Limited Production Art Avoids Licensing Lawyers At Annual Trade Event

To say we were surprised to find Popaganda at the 2019 International Toy Fair would be an understatement, but we were very happy to have a closer look at all the colorways of Ron English's Storm Parter vinyl figure. While these aren't licensed Disney collectibles, their production run is small enough not to be noticed... which is advantageous for everybody that's into such things. Click the link above to check them out!

2019 International Toy Fair Special Feature page edited by D. Martin Myatt