The vintage Stormtrooper is the exact polar opposite of the modern figure. Even though it is actually quite accurate to the film version, it is completely void of any form of action posing points of articulation save for the hips and shoulders. On a positive note, with his moulded head, he had no choice but to stay on targetů as long as he was facing it directly.

This figure made its first carded appearance on the Star Wars 12 back card in 1978 and carried through on every card back right up and including 1985's The Power Of The Force assortment, at which time it was renamed 'Imperial Stormtrooper'.

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Product Information
Year: 1978
Original Retail: $1.99
Original Retail: 38240
  • All vintage figures have minor variations, but the Stormtrooper has one major variation that is exceptionally hard to come by. The Japanese Takara version, while similar in its stance, is an entirely different sculpt. It is easiest to spot by looking at the head and wider hipped legs. Also of interest with the Takara version, is the bolt on the figure's back, not unlike the See-Threepio (C-3PO) or Death Star Droid figures

Photography & Text by D. Martin Myatt

Back before the world wide web and social media ruled our shopping habits there was a long-established practice of driving around all the nearby toy stores to hunt down the latest releases. Obviously times have changed and online retail is far more important than it was twenty-five years ago - but has it killed the toy run? What was your shopping experience over the Triple Force Friday product launch weekend?
I managed to find everything I wanted in stores!
I found some but had to resort to big box websites to complete my haul.
I didn't bother stepping outside and ordered everything online.
I haven't bought any of the TFF product yet. Roll on clearance sales.
I'm waiting for the TV series/movie release before I commit.
I've so over it, no more Star Wars collecting for me.
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