MILLENNIUM FALCON Millennium Falcon (Return of the Jedi) - Hot Wheels Elite adult collectible from Mattel Hot Wheels Elite

In Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi, the Galactic Empire is constructing a second Death Star to crush the Rebel Alliance once and for all. The Rebels launch a full-scale attack in hopes of destroying the Imperial space station and restore freedom to the galaxy.

Despite her humble origins and shabby exterior, the Millennium Falcon has played a role in some of the greatest victories of the Rebel Alliance and the New Republic. The Falcon looks like a worn-out junker, but beneath her hull she's full of surprises. A succession of owners, from Lando Calrissian and Han Solo to Gannis Ducain, have made special modifications that boosted the freighter's speed, shielding and firepower to impressive - and downright illegal - levels. The price of such tinkering? The Falcon can be unpredictable, with her hyperdrive particularly balky. Despite her flaws, she's beloved by her owners - Han Solo and Chewbacca have spent years searching the galaxy for the ship they once called home.

This highly-detailed Hot Wheels Elite Millennium Falcon features rotating guns, a Flight Stand, removable cockpit window with Chewbacca and Han Solo Pilots, removable Landing Gear[s] and two interchangeable Radars: one to recreate its look from the classic trilogy and one to recreate its look from Star Wars: The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi

The Hot Wheels Elite Millennium Falcon featured on this page is the second release in the line. It began hitting shelves in March, 2018.

Product Packaging

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Product Information
Manufacturer: Mattel
Source: Return of the Jedi
Year: 2018
Original Retail Price: $69.99
Assortment Number: CMC93
SKU: 8 87961 15160 2

What's In The Box?
  • Millennium Falcon Elite Vehicle
  • Miscellaneous Cover Parts (7 pieces)
  • 5x Interchangeable Landing Gears
  • Interchangeable Iconic Round Radar Dish
  • Rectangular Radar Dish To Leave In The Box
  • Removable Cockpit Window
  • Flight Stand
  • Instruction Sheet

Photography & Text by D. Martin Myatt

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