(Star Wars: Battlefront)

Collection: Evil Empire

Year: 2004
(Video Game Exclusive)

Number: None

Assortment: Exclusive Figures

Retail: Free with Pre-Order

Note: Figure was briefly available through for $9.99

Assortment Number: 85388

UPC Number: 5356901015

Weapons and Accessories:

  • Blaster
  • Rifle

Comments: The scout trooper patrols the forests of Endor on his speeder bike, alert for signs of trouble. His mission is to guard the generator that protects the second Death Star battel station. Chaos erupts as he encounters Rebel Alliance soldiers, who plan to destroy the generator in their quest to free the galaxy from the evil Empire. The scout trooper raises his blaster rifle to stop the Rebels before they can escape...and the battle begins! the scout trooper is just one of the key characters you can become in Star Wars: Battlefront, the intense, open-ended, multiplayer action game. Choose an allegiance and pick a soldier from one of four different armies, then battle it out on legendary planets with a variety of weapons and vehicles - all from the Star Wars universe! Storm into a galaxy at war, and may the Force be with you!

Points of Interest:
  • This figure was originally available in 2000's Power of the Jedi line, and also in the Original Trilogy Collection line.
  • The rifle is the same as the weapon included with IG-88.
  • Both weapons are glued in place and are not removable.
  • This figure was available as a pre-order exclusive for the LucasArts video game Star Wars: Battlefront.
  • There are four variations to the card:
    1. The first version includes a "Not For Resale" stamp on the cardfront and was available as a free gift when pre-ordering the game.
    2. The second version has a sticker covering the stamp and was available through online retailers. A Hasbro sticker is on the back of the card.
    3. The third version does not have a stamp or a sticker (front or back) and was available through
    4. The fourth is actually the first card, except it is covered by a store display which was used in a promotion prior to the game's release. A strip of the game's various platforms was sometimes attached to the front of the display.

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