(The Empire Strikes Back)

Year: 1998

Collection: 3

Retail: $5.99

Assortment: Freeze Frame Figures

Assortment Number: 69705/69747

UPC Number: 7628169747

Packaging Variations:

  • None

  • Weapons and Accessories:
  • Heavy Assault Blaster Rifle
  • Plastic Robe
  • Freeze Frame
  • Comments: Zuckuss answers Darth Vader's call for bounty hunters to help locate the Millennium Falcon and her crew.

    The Gand bounty hunter waits for instructions from Darth Vader.

    Point of Interest: Shortly after the Battle of Hoth, Zuckuss and his partner 4-LOM joined the Rebel Alliance after they helped repair his injured lungs.

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