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Questions for March 26, 2001

What do you think about a new Emperor in the POTF line? One with a removable cloth cloak like the original one was intended to be (Star Wars Collectors Archive). The 2 we had so far were pretty lame dont ya think? And do you think we will be seeing more cloth accessories in the near future? These molded plastic ones blow.

I think *a* new Emperor figure can and will happen before Star Wars figures stop production.

However, which film it comes from is up for grabs-- there's two more on the way, and anything can still happen.

So far, we've had two regular Emperor figures, an electronic one, one seated in the throne, the one iwth the coin, and of course the clone from Dark Empire. (I assume everybody went out and bought an extra Duel set to saw off most of the stand so you can have a freestanding Emperor on his throne, right?)

So to date, there's plenty of options... I mean, seven Emperors in two years. Granted, three of them were some sort of electricity-shootin' wackiness, but still, the others weren't all bad.

A Soft Goods version (soft goods, for those who ask, is an industry term that got leaked out due to an internal list referring to then-upcoming figures with cloth parts as "Soft Goods") would be great. But thing is, while the Emperor was instrumental to the story in the original three films and a major player (in one form or another) in the new flicks, he's never been all that popular. I doubt a classic version is very high on Hasbro's to-do list, but hey, they gave us two 12" versions of Jar Jar within a few weeks so they're hard to predict.

Some like plastic, some like cloth. Some like Coke, some like Pepsi. (Both can remove the stain from wood, I've found out from a variety of emails in the past few days.) So as things are, Hasbro will probably continue to draw from both depending on what they see appropriate to the character.

This is a rant/question based on [last week's] Q&A. Someone asked about an accessory set for 12" figures and you mentioned customer demand and the fact that the 3 3/4 accessory sets flopped. Hasbro seems to just can ideas if they don't sell - which makes some sense, but do they ever consider that maybe they were selling them at the wrong angle?

[some stuff cut]

Cinema Scenes...canned because they won't sell...well yeah, when you make 2 of the 3 figures lame resculpts. Give me 3 unproduced Ewoks, Aliens or whatever and I'm buying.
  -DJ Eds


Well, I, like you and probably 99.5% of the readers of this column, are some sort of armchair quarterbacks when it comes to the toy industry. Some of us have talked to toy companies, some of us haunt toy aisles, and some of us just buy the stuff. Thing is, one thing none of us have access to is Hasbro's bottom line-- we can't get the numbers of what's selling, how many were made, and so forth.

The 3.75" accessory sets flopped. This is something that's difficult to argue since the first wave is still around on clearance all over the place for a buck or so nearly two years after their release. I will agree that this is probably a big issue of timing, but the right time was probably the earlier days of POTF2.

The sets had no "right angle" to be sold at because they weren't sold particularly well. No advertising, nothing particularly stand-out about their packages, and let's face it, not many people got all that excited at the prospect of additional gear from a movie they hadn't necessarily seen yet. But the thing is, when a rat gets shocked, it doesn't usually repeat its actions. While I'd love new accessories, is there any incentive for Hasbro to try and revive a poorly selling segment of one of the most lucrative movie tie-ins of all time?

Cinema Scenes.... well, people seem to have forgotten the last four classic sets. Jedi Spirits: One revised figure, two new, highly popular with collectors, still sat around on clearance. Cantina aliens: three new figures, two never-before-made, still around on clearance. Skiff Guards: three new aliens, fantastic sculpts, still around on clearance. Rebel Pilots: two never-before-made figures, one highly popular character resculpted, and I can get you as many of these things as you might possibly w ant at half the original price.

Regardless of a fan's tastes and insights, it's hard to predict what will happen all the time. Even clearance prices can't move those Rebel Pilots in Tucson or Phoenix, and unless a set was hard to get, it did take a little while to move at clearance prices. While collectors like a lot of things, we're not always a significant enough buyer market to warrant some products.

do you think that i should even hope to get alllll the star wars figures (3 3/4) or should i resign myself to the fact that i don't have enough resources ($) and the line may not be around long enough, even though i hope it's still around when i have grandchildren (which might be a while)

All the figures? Sure, why not? It's not that hard if you only collect the one line and spend your "disposable" time and income on your hobby.

The line won't be around in ten or fifteen years. I'm sure six people have already started to send their "Dear Mr. Pawlus, I would like to take a moment to formally inform you that you are full of crap and a short-sighted ninny." (Thanks as always, guys.) Star Wars' time is coming, and without a huge, enormous, vast collector boon soon there's no way the line can survive without some tie-in for very long. The prospects of a new movie can keep it going, a TV series or cartoon can always help, or some other new form of media can keep interest alive. But I have very, very little hope for the line continuing for more than three years past Episode III.

This is good for you. Why? A lot of collectors (not you guys) are fair weathered fans, or just burned out. This means a few things. First, collections go up for sale-- cheap. Sometimes at cost, sometimes cheaper. Second, interest wanes. Even die-hard toy freaks will not pay as close attention to some ads or auctions because, well, the line is dead. The other thing is that you-- as unlikely as it seems today-- might have another interest in a few years as well. (Granted, I remember people s aying to me "Adam, there is no possible way you can do anything productive with this" around ten years ago. Sure, they were right, but I'm still having fun.)

As it stands today, counting all oddball POTF2, E1, and POTJ figures, you're looking at around 330 different figures. That's what you can go and buy right now, assuming you have the resources... and odds are with some patience, you can find a set at cost. People quitting this hobby can be a great boost for the vulture fans (like me) who can and often will sit around until the right piece of carrion shows up.

Vintage stuff will be your sore spot. Loose, you can get a set, no problem, and for probably a grand or two. (Which is a lot of money all at once, but over five or six years, not a problem.) Don't forget the cartoon figures-- that Wicket and Logray from the 'toon are still two of my favorite figures.

So can you get all the four inch figures? Sure. I did, but I got my vintage guys a hair over a decade ago... and if you want a complete set, it takes some work, and some time. And money. (Too much money.) You can't have a complete collection tomorrow (if for no reason other than there's still more stuff on the way) but give it some time, and if you really want a set, you can piece it together.

Hey Adam. Put yourself at the head of the merger between the old Star Wars Fan Club and Wizards of the Coast for a moment. What kind of changes would you want to see, from the contents of the Star Wars Insider magazine to the sale of collectibles? What old things would you want to see retained, and new ideas to be incorporated into the "new" Fan Club, considering its corporate relationship with Hasbro? In short, what woulkd your vision be for the new fan club, as run by WOTC? Thanks.

Based on what I'm hearing, here's what I expect.

1. After the kinks are ironed out, this could be the best thing for distributing figures to fans since the clearance sales. Things are messy now, but in a few months (let's be realistic) when the Freeze Chamber is made available, it's possible we might get another shot at some harder-to-find items from the past few years. Possible. Maybe.

2. Another poster? Wizards is gonzo over paper goods. Books, posterish stuff, cards... if it were up to me, we'd get a second "Complete Habsro Collection" figure poster before Episode II. This, to me, seems like something that would be a cheap way to make a buck and a great way to put a smile on collecor faces around the world.

3. I could get my magazines. If I ran the Insider, I would make sure that I, Adam Pawlus, would have received issues #52 and #53 of the Insider in the mail by now. Like most other subscribers. (But thing is, it appears a few fans have called/written/emailled and discovered they were left off of the membership rosters for some reason or another. I'm still in limbo here.)

4. Fans vote on the exclusive. I think it's possible that we might start getting a chance to request an upcoming exclusive. Who better to ask than your customers?

5. One of the most enduring rumors in Star Wars collecting is the possible release of the second wave of CommTech chips and the reader, which were axed when Power of the Jedi was introduced in 2000. If they would be released, the club would be the best venue.

6. I will be very disappointed if we don't see additional RPG stuff mixed in with the toys or the magazines. Not that I'm a big RPG player, but those little backstories and all are a lot of fun to read, and now that they're all under one corporate roof, maybe we can get some more goodies like RPG stats on Force Files.

In your answer to Question 10 of the March 20th edition of Q&A, you alluded to an upcoming 4th Ewok. I don't recall you or anyone else mentioning this before, so this came as quite a pleasant surprise for me. I then later read of a rumored AT-ST w/ Chewie and Ewok on yakface's page. Is this the ewok to which you were referring? If so, do you have an idea of what this ewok will look like (hopefully not another Wicket repaint)?
  -Darth Incubus

Teebo is the one I was referring to-- believe it or not, he's all but confirmed. Nothing official from Hasbro, and no pictures... but if you believe the rumor mill (and as an idiot, I do) he could be coming in POTJ. It's possible he's going to be packed with a vehicle (like the unconfirmed AT-ST, which I think is weak-- resculpted figures can be boring, remade vehicles are death), but Hasbro says we can expect a lot of confirmations on all of this stuff before the Summer.

Lately we've been treated to a lot of surprises in the Power of the Jedi line, like the Kir Kanos outfit under the Senate Guard's robe, and soon we won't have to play Guess What's In Ketwol's Pants. My question is: what's driving Hasbro to do this, fan input, urging from Lucasfilm, or both? And are there any other "easter eggs" I've neglected to mention?

There's a weird little outfit under Clone Emperor's robes, and of course there's a full outfit under Expanded Universe Leia's cloak.

Why? Not sure. Hidden stuff is always something developers of anything, no matter what it is, seem to enjoy, be it a hidden face in a PC game's textures or a message inscribed into one of Decipher's Star Wars cards. In Ketwol's case, it's a mystery-- it's a feature laden toy and will undoubtedly be one of those figures that Star Wars will be remembered for down the line. And it's probably gonna cost Hasbro more per figure than most others... but hey, if it's cool, great.

Unless it's a driving force of the figure's design, odds are it's entirely up to the sculptors or engineers at Hasbro HQ. Odds are someone at LucasFilm pipes up with an idea every now and again, and stuff like the Senate Guard's design is just too mind-bogglingly cool just to be some random accident, so there's always a possibility that other forces are at work making our toys just that much better.

My cat and I have a question about the future. Do you think anyone will pick up the SW license after the prequels are done and Hasbro's current licensing agreement has expired?

Eventually, yes. But when Star Trek died, Playmates and Galoob both let the license lapse and short of those bendy guys at Suncoast, that seems to be all she wrote for Starfleet.

Waves of nostalgia and new products drive interest in things of days gone by all the time. I wouldn't expect to have seen Scooby Doo figures being made in the year 2000 if you asked me ten years ago, nor would I have ever expected to see Toy Biz innovate like they did with the new Spider-Man figures. But to be honest, without the chance of a new film or TV series on the horizon, the chances of additional Star Wars product beyond the end of Hasbro's line seems pretty close to zero. And to be even more honest, if anybody manages to get the license away from Hasbro (short of the company dying) I'll be very surprised.

I just checked out the new fan club web site. They are saying that a one year subscription ( 6 issues) is $29.95!!!!!
Is this right, or am I reading it incorrectly? What happened to $19.95?

Heck if I know. I still haven't gotten my issue of #52 in the mail, people are getting #53, and the magazine is a lot less hefty than it was a year ago. The exclusive products for members only rumor would probably be the only real incentive to join for a lot of people these days...

So if the new Fett was 300, (we're around the 320's now) do you think we'll see something for another milestone like the obvious 400 or 500? Can it go that far?

Anything's possible. Considering Hasbro's 200th Batman, 100th 12" Luke, and 100th Batman over the years, I'm surprised it took them this long to do some sort of commemorative figure. Between the 25th Anniversary of Star Wars, I expect to see something. But I don't expect to see another special figure based on some sort of toy milestone untill #500... which could be a little while.

I was just thinking about the SE's the other day (in regards to a question on 3/22) and I know one thing that should be changed in ESB, and that is the Emperor's hologram on the Executor. I know the old lady/monkey/Clive used was for effect, but why not have Ian McDiarmid re-do those shots, and really have the final continuity for the films. I think that (besides Greedo shooting first, Fett a ladies man, etc) bothers me the most.

Lucas, reshoot that hologram scene...it needs to be done.

Some things were changed... others were left as-is because Georgey liked them that way. A few errors and goof-ups were left in because Lucas wanted it that way.

Personally, I think that some of those old oddities make the film more fun. I find the Special Editions a little distracting, because I know those old movies so well that most of the changes stick out like a sore thumb.

It's like listening to The Doors' "Break On Through." Most of the version of the song have Jim Morrison singing the line "She Get" and it cuts off. Needless to say, this doesn't make much sense, but OK, it's what's been on the radio for years. On the version of the song I have on CD (the recent rerelease), he sings "She Gets High." Sure, it's the original intent of the song, but after hearing the same words over and over, it's different... and weird.

Changing that scene would be jarring, but then again, I think the new Wampa footage just absolutely does not fit in very well. So who knows? Lucas probably has something in mind for the eventual DVD release...

Re: Pepsi Statues

An inside source (one whom I can vouch for) wrote in to let me know about the Pepsi statues from Episode One. He says over 20,000 were made, they did very well for Pepsi, and that the plans for similar Episode Two products are unknown. The leadtime for these statues was a scant five months, and yes, Anakin was a Don Post studios promotion made for JC Penny stores.

So there ya have it-- and you can have some more later. You'll have to excuse me, Alice Cooper is coming on Behind The Music.

Questions for March 27, 2001

I was looking at the back of the 300th Boba Fett package....it says Han Solo in Carbonite from the vintage line is number 100. For the life of me, I can't figure out how that can be the case. First of all, counting Yak Face, there are only 96 (or 97?) carded figures in the vintage line, so I don't see how one of them could be #100. I come up with Han being number 89. In fact, if you look at all the character names listed on the back of the box, Han is not #100. Do you happen to know which figures I'm overlooking?

Most likely that list is not fully accurate. Last Summer, Hasbro mentioned that the figures were listed in some supposed record of development. Which is entirely possible.

The original line maxxed out at a cardback showing "all" 92 figures-- there were also two other versions of R2-D2, another C-3PO, and Yakface in the film line, plus a bunch of 'toon figures. There's also a giant hole on the back of the box, so who knows where the vintage Max Rebo set gets tossed in?

My advice: don't sweat it. Problem with anything like this in any decent fanbase is that we'll pick at it like wolves... because we enjoy doing that sort of thing. (And that 12" list is chock full of mistakes.) While a complete list of figures isn't too tough to pull off, things like the order in which they were made can be debated, but not well because a) we don't have access to the records at Kenner and Hasbro and b) do you think that if they lost a record they'd really tell us?

Adam, What is the best likeness of Harrison Ford in the 12" figures. I wanted to pick up the best one, but some of them have been scary!

The Japanese Indiana Jones that you have zero chance of scoring has a great sculpt, and most of Hasbro's have been pretty mediocure. Your best bet is to keep watching custom heads and Hasbro releases until you see one you really like... but don't bet on finding something all that magnificent anytime soon.

I've collected the SW line from the beginning up until Episode I hit and then it just got too time-consuming and expensive with eighteen varieties of Darth Maul. I'm waiting to open everything up until my 10-month old gets old enough and then we're going to have a HUGE party and go nuts on these toys.

My question is: is there a risk in leaving the 'preview' batteries in the vehicles for any length of time? Should I open up the vehicles to take the batteries out or do I need to worry?

A risk? You bet there is.

Even in normal temperatures, batteries have the ability to leak. My vintage snowspeeder got a little corrosion on it after only having batteries in it for a year.

The dillemma is what to do with the boxed stuff... your options are either not having a sealed box toy or risking a damaged toy. If you never ever plan to open it, odds are no visual damage could happen. Granted, this means there are chemicals possibly leaking in the box... but hey, that's why we don't keep our boxed toys where we store our food.

In your case, I say slice open the tape, take out those batteries, and wait until little Johnny is at least six or seven. Some kids are really good with their toys... others have BB guns. Two friends of mine dispatched the bulk of their older GI Joe toys in some sort of IRA battle royale.

In another Q & A you mentioned a complete set of loose figures, both new and vintage figures. I was just curious, does your complete set of vintage figures include Vlix? This is the one figure that will probably keep me from getting a complete set of loose vintage figures. Paying $7 for an unattractive figure or a character you never liked is one thing, but paying thousands of dollars for a Brazilian knockoff of an ugly looking figure is another.

Personally, I choose not to include Vlix because the figure is so rare that it could be a limited preview release and not a general release item. If it were, odds are there would be more than two or three showing up annually.

The figure from Brazil is not a knock-off, but a late release. Glassite released a few figures and vehicles from Star Wars and the Droids 'toon around the late 80's, including one of the neatest C-3PO variations to date. While I remember seeing the normal guys in/around 1990, I never even knew of Vlix's actual production until years later when a picture showed up in a price guide, confirming it once and for all. I've seen tons of everything else in this line... but I can count the Vlix's I've seen for sale on one hand and the Vlix's I've seen on a shop teacher's hand.

I don't include Vlix for the same reason I don't include the Rocket Fett-- from what I can tell, it's not a figure that was ever meant for the mass market. (Well, it was, but it never got made to that level.) On the other hand, legions of Yak Faces are out there in Europe and on the secondary market, making him really easy to get if you can pay the price of admission. And while he never actually got to the American market, he was intended to be released here-- a cardback (sans French) proof has surfac ed, and lots of documents/anecdotes/etc. hint he was almost the final mail-in figure for the original line.

So no, I don't have Vlix, but I'd buy one if I had a source of income to the level where I would no longer be eating canned soup and peanut butter sandwiches for lunch.

Do you think will ever see a Dagobaha ( I know it's misspelled) R2D2, I would seem like it would of come out by now, It's a pretty easy custom job but I'd like see a Hasbro version that would maybe squirt out water or even better have a light up power battery that plug in to him?

'tis possible. I'd be interested in seeing it if it were well made, but right now, I'm a little Artooed out. Three in 1999, one in 2000... that's good for now.

Should Hasbro need a new R2-D2, odds are he'll do something new and fun in Episode Two that would warrant a new figure before going back to Dagobah. (But truth be told, short of the Vader, ANY new Dagobah resculpts would be nice.)

As you've said, it's a pretty easy custom, and for now, odds are that's the only way to get one.

So my brother just asked me what I thought the fate of Star Wars would be after Ep 3. Surprising myself I babbled for 20 odd minutes, about some of my expected disappointments (I don't think we'll see the Clone Wars on screen (between Ep 2 and Ep 3) nor will we see Anakin betray and murder the Jedi (possibly the beginnings of the purge at the end of Ep 3 but the bulk will be off camera and again between Ep 3 and Ep 4). Then I followed the Canadian soap star tangent into oblivion: two possible series; one about the clone wars (a Babylon 5 style space opera) and even worse a second about the Jedi purge (a Fugitive style road show with Vader hunting a different Jedi each week) while this could keep us in figures for close to eternity, Star Wars prior televised ick leaves me nervous. Do you have any speculation about what we may see after Ep 3? (please no Gungan Baby Adventure Hour)

The one thing that keeps getting thrown around for years is a Young Jedi series with the Jedi kids. Considering that most Fox Kids/ Kids WB characters are youthful heroes, and this is where the ad/toy dollars are, I'd expect to see something like this the most. I remember hearing a nearly endless list of things that could happen on the series, and it seemed very real at one point. Considering it would tie in the idea of a lot of Jedi as well as going to more "classic" times, it seems the ideal candida te.

However if it were up to me, I'd do some sort of anthology show more like Animaniacs-- some new stuff, some recurring characters, and a lot of variety. That way you can have your Rebel Pilots, I can have my Adventures of R2-D2 and C-3PO (can you guess I really liked Droids?), and everybody else can have their snuggle-wuggle Gungan Baby Adventure Hour.

Realistically, some sort of youthful Jedi themed show seems like the most likely choice. But that's if they decide to do TV, and if LucasFilm decides that Star Wars franchise really needs to continue beyond the films, comics, books, and who knows what else.

Adam, okay, I'm sure this is your second favorite topic after secondary market values, but just what is the deal with Hasbro's sucky method of distribution?

While obvius holes were around at the tail end of POTF2 and Episode One, are things all that bad now?

I'd say no. Short of the lack of pegwarmer status on Biker Scouts, pretty much everybody is around. The only figures I have not seen on a peg during this calendar year that are apparently available are the new armored Darth Maul and the Scout Trooper, and these are shipping as we speak.

I also have never seen the 4" Vader/Maul set on shelves.

But overall, things have been pretty good. Assuming you wait-- I saw the K-3PO wave all over during the past few weeks, and Tinn and the new Amidala are around. (Assuming you get out a lot.)

My question is this: Do you think Kitikkeedkak (that praying mantis-lookin' character in the Cantina) would be a good choice for the new deluxe assortments?

I don't know if he'd be a good choice as a figure to be made-- very few fans have ever asked for him. (Actually, in my many years online, you're the first I've heard.)

I don't think there's any real demand for the figure, but hey, feel free to prove me wrong. It just seems like a very unlikely choice for retail stores.

I have been waiting a long time for the Carbonite Freezing Chamber to be released. I have been waiting for it's release the day I saw it in a issue of Lee's Toy & Action Figure Review. However I saw the picture in that magazine # years ago. What took them [Hasbro] so long to release it?

It was first shown in New York in 1998 (if not earlier) as an item that would be available later that year.

However at some point in 1998, Hasbro decided it had too much Star Wars product on shelves, both in terms of variety and quantity. As a result, some excellent product (the rest of the beanie Buddies toys), some not so excellent product (Complete Galaxy Hoth), and some stuff we've never seen (Wedge X-Wing Gunner Station) all got axed.

This playset was all set to come out when the stores lost interest in it. So then it was offered up as an exclusive... and nobody wanted it. Later, the Fan Club decided to give the fans what they wanted, but the execution of this hasn't been especially good so far.

We know you see customs as an art form when they are good. So, if you knew somebody could do a good job of it, what character (that hasn't already been done) would you really like to see done?

The one figure I saw that I really liked above all others (and the only custom that I think I'd go bonkers for right now) was Gary Weaver's last Mara Jade. The sculpt was great, the package was perfect, it was just a beautiful little sculpture, and I wish I had one.

Mara got one of the worst head/neck sculpts in the entire line, and that's saying something. Most custom figures I've seen of her are just a barely-changed Leia head, so anything new and good would be great. (Frankly, I'm sick of this "oh, I added yarn and lipgloss, it's new and even better than Hasbro!" kind of custom head. Granted, I can't do any better, but hey, there's a reason I'm a critic and not an artist.)

Re: Rumors

I've gotten a lot of people wondering why I comment on some rumors and not on others. A quick explaination:

A rumor-- in my definition-- is something floating around a community which is as of yet unverified. A lot of what I get is "my brother said this" or "I made this up and would like to know if this rumor is true", and needless to say, I can make anything I want to up but calling it a rumor is a tad irresponsible.

Rumor has it we'll get the Imperial Shuttle this year.

See? Very irresponsible.

Questions for March 28, 2001

I think I have asked this before but missed your answer. Why are hasbro so reluctant to release models of Astromech droids. Now we have a classic R5 D4, definetely in need of an update, R2B1 with no third leg, the exclusive red R2 Unit from the royal starship and the upcoming R2Q5, a droid which although I am greatful for I can't recall seeing in any of the films. Will Hasbro ever make any R3(droid with clear perspex dome, R4 and R5 versions. There are plenty of references to these droids especially if you have a copy of the Encyclopedia. We seem to have been inundated of late with various versions of R2D2 apart from a Dagaboh version which is only a matter of time I fear. Do others feel the same as me that there is a short fall of Astromech droids in the Hasbro line up.
Should I start a letter writing campain or will Rebelscum start a poll to see what others think.

Well, as always, the glass can be half empty or half full.

In the vintage line, there were 4 astro droids, three of which were R2-D2, one was R5-D4.

Not counting R2-D2, the current line has had R5-D4, R2-B1, R2-R9 (the red one), the upcoming Imperial R2-Q5... and I think that's about it. Aside from R5-D4, all of those have been released in the past year and a half (or are on the way.)

So first, I'd have to say that it looks like Hasbro has embraced R2 units lately.

As far as complaints, every deficiency in Star Wars has a few fans behind it, no matter what it is or how small it is. That's one of the neat things about there being such a large fanbase. That said, fans do want more R2 units... but I don't think it will get to a point where Hasbro will release 3 or 4 a year on a card. Sure, there's plenty, and a repaint is a really easy way for Hasbro to get out new product, so it seems odd there aren't more... but thing is, they all look alike except for coloration .

I don't think anybody would complain about having a new astro droid or two each year... but right now, things are actually coming out, so it seems a little premature to start petitions and such now that things seem to be moving.

And as far as updates to R2-B1... don't hold your breath.

I've written you before, I check your site daily - it rules! Anyway, do know?what?a run of the mill guy has to do to become a "dealer" or basically be able to order cases of figures from Hasbro. It's a somewhat self serving venture in that I would want a single figure for myself but I was also considering setting up a web storefront (like millions of others). I would assume I would have to get a business license and tax ID number, do you have any insight into this?
  -War IG-88

Well, here's the thing: to open an account with Hasbro, you need-- last time I checked-- a $5,000 minimum order per year.

And the other thing is, the smaller accounts I've talked to were never able to really pick which assortments they got, just whatever quantity of whatever collection Hasbro had lying around at the time.

As far as setting up a business, I'm fairly sure there's some variance from state to state, so you might have to talk with someone down at the state government to figure out what it is you need to do.

Unless you've got some real money, I'd advise against it-- while there's a lot of Star Wars on the way, $5,000 is a lot of money to throw around considering you most likely spend less than that per year as it is right now, and you get to pick and choose what you want with the current situation.

Hey. I was wondering if you or anyone out there who reads the column has reliable info (or speculation) into this: do you think that we are ever likely to see "the Bigg's Scene" and related scenes from A New Hope actually put into the movie. I feel these scenes really help to develop Luke's character and the role of the Empire, and would pick up a new video or DVD in a second if these scenes were inserted into the film. Any talk about this for the supposed 25th anniversary DVD releases?

First, I'd like to start off with saying there are no known plans for Star Wars, Empire, or Jedi on DVD that LucasFilm has made public, and even Episode One seems to be highly informed rumors/speculation. (But since LFL hasn't shot down the E1 info, I'm optimistic.)

Considering the wealth of treasures rumored to be on the Episode One discs, I'd say that the Biggs scene would be the perfect bonus on a DVD of the first Star Wars film. But if you need to seem some of the Biggs scenes tomorrow, go to your local computer store and pick up a copy of "Behind the Magic." It contains a few Biggs scenes as well as an alternate set of Cantina shots which are pretty nifty. The scenes are nice, but as far as the whole "character development" hoo-hah goes, it really doesn't ad d all that much other than to show Luke is a bit of a dork.

As things stand right now, the only-- and I mean ONLY-- way anybody could get me to buy another VHS tape with anything Star Wars on it was to offer something that was a cut scene that will never be made available elsewhere. (I have three licensed sets of the trilogy, I don't need any more.)

I would think the 300th Fett would be all over the place. Hasbro knows he is a fan favorite, and the 300th figure aspect makes him even more appealing. I frequent TRU, Target, Kay-Bee and Walmart and I've yet to see one on the shelf. I got mine from Entertainment Earth, and even they and Amazon are now sold out. Will he be distributed again? Is he still in distribution?

I saw a bunch over the weekend at Toys "R" Us stores, so he's still going around.

What are the chances of Lucas ever releasing episodes of the Droids and ewok cartoons on video or DVD? What about the two ewok made for TV movies? I've seen episodes of Droids on video at Blockbuster, but don't remember them ever being for sale.

A couple of years back, two tapes of re-edited episode of both series were released with new (and different) music. They're neat to see, but the edits make the series look kinda weird, trying to make them into a movie and all.

Outside the USA, there have been a few releases of both series, but that's been a while. The two Ewok flicks were re-released on VHS in the early 90's, and some video stores still stock them. Not many, so it's something that'd require a little hunting.

I'd say chances of a DVD reissue aren't too bad. I'm a little surprised they didn't "test the waters" with an Ewok flick just to see the fans go nuts even though they weren't all that great.

I recall reading somewhere about a cartoon planned for Saturday mornings that would have Jar Jar as a podracer and Watto as his manager. Did anything remotely similar to this ever surface (actual plans being tossed around, an actual cartoon pilot, etc), or am I just flat out wrong?

This was a widespread (and laughably ridiculous) rumor that surfaced right after Episode One hit the theaters. Nothing official has ever surfaced surrounding it, nor has any word of work done on a pilot come to light.

I just bought an IG-88 at Target that lists like a drunken sailor - one of his legs is longer than the other. Since I've obviously opened him, do I have any recourse? Is this a common problem with this figure?

Forgive me if I've missed the answer to this somewhere, but why are some of the CommTech recordings better than others? A few seem to spout actual dialogue from the movies, while others sound like total crap. What gives (or gave, rather)? I was totally disappointed that my CommTech Vader sounded like...well, nothing like Vader....

My IG-88 is A-OK. Apparently, you just got lucky.

As far as CommTech goes, some of them are a kind of "vocal MIDI" type of thing while others seem to be actual digitized sounds. Also, most of these were made and finished long before Episode One was finished... but that doesn't explain Darth Vader.

Essentially, it's B-level technology. There's something neat about what they were trying, and some of those chips sound really good, but the problem is they can be counted without having to take off your shoes. It's just the technology, really...

In the last Q & A you addressed a question concerning the blue Senate Guard and how his outfit underneath the robe is that of Kir Kanos. Just curious . . . Who is Kir Kanos? Is he an Expanded Universe character? If so, how do we know what his outfit looks like?
  -Silent Bob

Kir Kanos is the "hero" of the Crimson Empire comic series. We know what he looks like because we (the royal "we") read our comics. The armor on the Senate Guard is very similar to that of Kir Kanos and obviously based on the character's designs, but it's not perfect.

Kir Kanos is probably the one EU character I can see fans rallying behind, because he's essentially a super-armed Imperial Guard and I don't think anybody has ever said they didn't like the look of the character. So if anyone were to petition for this one, it'd probably be a snap to get support up real quick...

I was wondering, Did Hsbro companies come out with the Queen Amidala celebration gown collectable doll?Becuause I have been looking all over the net for it.Because a toy dealer said it came out but i never saw one is it a lie or true?

FAO had an exclusive on a larger, very limited, and very expensive doll based on the final celebration outfit. It's a few hundred bucks and there were a lot of problems concerning the fact that the figure didn't turn out as perfect as it should have. It wasn't a Hasbro product (as far as I can tell) so don't worry about it being a part of some "set."

In anticipation of [The Raiders of the Lost Ark's] upcoming 20th anniversary, I have decided to create a custom Iniana Jones figure from assorted SW figure parts. Unfortunately, a revolver like Indy uses is not available in the SW line.

Do you know of any other toy lines that I could check out to give Indy a proper gun?

Definitely check out the 1/6 scale figure section at Toys "R" Us and your local collector and model/hobby shops. Between Hasbro's GI Joe, Dragon Models' various WWII product, and the latest from 21st Century Toys, it's pretty likely that there's more than a few weapons to use in such a project.

And that's all for today.

One of the more commonly asked (but not worth wasting one of the ten column slots) questions is "just how do you squeeze all of the stuff you do in a day?" Well, the answer is simple. I go to bed between 3 and 4 A.M. and get up between 8 and 9 A.M. You can get a lot done with a little sleep and a box of Twinkies.

And on the random aspect of today, I posted a blurb about this to my side project, 16bit.com and figured it'd be worth mentioning here. A local record store chain, Zia Records, has added a vast, enormous, freaking huge selection of $0.10 CDs (as in "ten for a buck") in its discount bins at one location. Some of the highlights: The Pulsars, Fantastic Plastic Machine, and a bunch of other acts I've never heard of (that were worth the dime). Also Van Halen III... which probably totally sucks, but it was a dime, and can always be used as a coaster and a replacement non-broken jewel case should the need arise. (Also found Rocket from the Crypt's Scream, Dracula, Scream! (two copies) at the local Zip's at two bucks a hit.)

So if you're near Tucson, I highly advise you to start scouring the discount music sections at your favorite stores. I know I'm happy I did. And worst case scenario, my friends are gonna get some CDs when their birthdays roll around...

(And I finally found a CD copy of Oingo Boingo's Only A Lad used for five bucks. Whooooo!)

Questions for March 29, 2001

The new Lando seems to be a pretty decent figure. It could certainly have a little more articulation, but at this point I'm just glad to have a Bespin Lando that doesn't look like Bespin Carl Wethers. I'm not concerned with the whole soft goods/plastic cape debate, but what I'm interested in is whether or not the cape is removable. I'm sure I could pull the thing off, but will it go back on?

Good question, but unfortunately, I don't have an answer just yet.

However, I can offer informed speculation.

In the current Star Wars line, Hasbro has very rarely offered figures with removable cloth parts. There was a Complete Galaxy Vader and the Princess Leia Collection, but for the most part, the parts weren't meant to come off. The new Boba Fett and CommTech Vader are two fine examples: those capes aren't going nowhere.

So I'm thinking no. It's possible it'll come off without a hitch... but your point about getting it back on is the big concern.

A friend of mine recently bought a battle droid painted gold on a E1 tri-logo at TRU in Spain. It doesn't seem to be a bootleg but the figure has a different position in the bubble, his eyes are green and the figure is a bit larger than a regular one.

Do you have any information on this?
  -Antoine from France

Well, first I have to say did *you* see it or did your friend just tell you about it? If you haven't seen it, he's pulling your leg.

Now, if it is something you've really seen, take a really close look at the packaging for copyright markings, words spelled differently in an attempt to avoid violating copyrights, poorly printed cards, flimsy package materials, and so forth. If the figure is bigger like you say it is, this can't be anything but a bootleg, and the list of things to look for are things that help verify this.

If you feel up to it, please send in a picture-- we'd love to see this.

We're getting Duros from the cantina and Amamin from Jabba's palace, who do you think should be next? (not including the cantina aliens already confirmed or rumored... Ketwol, Tessek and BoShek) Personally think the very first alien we see in the cantina would sell. Hem somehing-or-other is it's name. And as for Jabba's palace, Elphont man.

Well, with BoShek, let's just say for the sake of argument he's coming. (Because frequent readers of the column just know this would be my top choice.)

Personally, I'd like to see Hasbro let fans vote on another Expanded Universe character. It'd be a great way to cross-promote the books and comics and give the fans a shot at something a lot of us die-hards want: original characters that aren't background throw-aways.

My top choice would probably be a Kir Kanos from Crimson Empire. Toss in a removable cloth robe, helmet, and a couple of weapons, make him extra articulated, and charge the deluxe price. Other nice figures would be a brand-new Mara Jade, Joruus C'Boath, Splinter of the Mind's Eye Luke and Leia, or if they're really feeling generous, Ulic Qel-Droma as he appeared in the first Tales of the Jedi series.

I hesitate to list Rebel Pilots because we're really getting a lot of those lately.

After that... droid poll. (Who wouldn't love that?) Get a chance for the fans to request a new R5-D4, additional Pit Droids, CZ-3, or whatever flavor of the month comes up by then.

Follow up to last weeks EU question. What comic books are required EU reading (specifically, the ones that would still likely be available at b+n or comic book store in trade paperback, or something not too hard to track down (I'm trying to get out of this fog that surrounds me every time someone says"EU").

Also, I've seen reading Zahn's follow up book Specter of the past and I'm a little disappointed compared to his last outing. What do you think?

My experience with the novels is pretty jumpy-- some I caught, some I didn't. I still didn't look into the two newest Zahn books... the last one I read all the way through was a late purchase. For those wondering, The Courtship of Princess Leia is one of the worst written Star Wars books out there... Han and Leia seem to have swapped dialogue writers. And oh, there's more-- just stick with something else.

As far as comics, Jedi Academy: Leviathan almost bored me to sleep and Vader's Quest is probably my least favorite Star Wars series ever. So avoid those.

As far as anything else... tastes vary. I love the first Dark Empire series, but a lot of fans downright hate it. I think the whole Tales of the Jedi series (of series) is a great read, but there's not a single connection to the films other than the existance of Jedi and eventually, Sith. Dark Empire made a lot of references to it, which is part of what made it so neat.

The Droids comics are more or less like the old cartoon show, just a bit quicker and less Saturday morning. Crimson Empire (the first series, anyway) is fun, and definitely a requirement for the EU vocabulary since Kir Kanos and Carnor Jax are a couple of favorite characters for the fan community.

Definitely pick up Dark Empire, Shadows of the Empire, the comic adaptations of the Zahn books, and anything else that looks interesting. If nothing else, it's worth it to know where the EU figures we currently have came from.

I was wondering just who the Imperial Dignitary, as mentioned in the recent poll, is and where he shows up in the movies. Another question I have may have just been answered by the above sentence, but I was also wondering who the 2 special aides or assistants are that were with the Emperor in the throne room on the Death Star II when Vader came in, especially the freaky lookin' one. The other one you just really can't see too well at all, but i'm sure he's pretty freaky too. Is he the Imperial Dignitary, and if not, who is he and has he been plastisized yet?

The Dignitary appears in one of the various scenes where the Emperor makes an appearance in ROJ-- if you don't have the letterbox version, it might be easy to miss.

There are several Imperial aides (or dark side adepts, whatever) that look different that have yet to see plastic. So if Hasbro really wanted to, they could probably crank out three or four of these guys, more if they go into the Expanded Universe. Dark Empire II was chock full of 'em.

Watch ROJ in widescreen again. Can't miss 'em, unless your TV is smaller than 25 inches, in which case you can miss a lot of things.

There have already been questions about plastic vs. cloth capes and stuff on new figures (plastic can't go in vehicles, but HEY, there aren't any vehicles). Do you know whether there is any meaningful cost difference in making a figure with cloth or with plastic capes and robes? Or is plastic simply used more because it can be sculpted?
  -Darth Skeletor

As far as I've heard, the cost issue is negligable-- it's all up to what they want to do.

So far, there seems to be no real reason behind why figure A gets cloth and figure B gets plastic. A fine example: CommTech Leia gets cloth, CommTech Motti gets a plastic skirt and some very stiff joints. Why? Who knows?

When (when, bah. IF) vehicles come out, Hasbro/Kenner has been pretty hit-or-miss about seeing to the whole compatibility thing. In 1995, X-Wing Luke barely squeezed in the cockpit of the appropriate ship, and Han and Chewie flat out didn't work with the Falcon. But the TIE Pilot worked, and so far, every "pilot" packed with a vehicle more or less works just fine.

With POTJ, though, it seems to be even more random. (Why they even bothered to make the new Amidala anything more than a glorified chess piece is beyond me-- the legs seemed a bit much.) So from now on, it looks like they're going to pick whatever they feel is appropriate to whatever scene they're trying to recreate with the figure. Plastic gives one look, cloth another... and sometimes one just works, like Fett's cape.

Whats the deal with the Security Battle Droid? Is he still shipping? And if not will he be rotated back in at some point?

I haven't seen one in a while, but I hope they ship more-- I'd buy another one or two. The figure has yet to be "cancelled."

With Hasbro supposedly changing case asortments to meet the demand and undemand of figures are they currently doing that now? Cause all the Wal Marts and Targets have nothing but Ben Kenobi and Qui Gons followed closely behind by Anakin, killed off like a chump Maul, and of course young Obi Wan . What gives? Will these new peg warmers prove to Hasbro that they've released enough of these same figures, and need to focus on completely new figures and to fix previous mistakes like R5-D4 and the pitiful Skiff Guards.

What's out now will probably stay there until it sells. A few years ago, Hasbro has been known to ship cases to stores with which they can ship stuff back to Hasbro. (Saw many an Optimus Minor and Scavenger from Beast Wars reboxed and moved.) During Episode One, word on the street is that Hasbro pulled some figures from store A and moved them to store B to help get stuff around.

Right now? Clearances. I scored a POTJ Obi-Wan for $1.87 at a video game store last week. I expect to see the Wal-Marts and K-Marts saturated with the initial four or five Collection One Power of the Jedi guys (Obi-Wan, Anakin, Qui-Gon, R2-D2, Darth Maul) mark them down eventually, but that could be a while.

Also keep in mind peg warmers vary by region and store. Just the other day, I mentioned we're flooded with Rebel Pilots (and sorry, I don't have the ability to score 'em at cost for everybody just right now). Some K-Marts are loaded with those initial POTJ guys, as are some Wal-Marts. Two miles down the road, they might have the old Ben Kenobi, the Dagobah Vader, and something else. Some Targets and Toys "R" Us stores are getting a backlog of Plo Kun, Mon Cal, IG-88, etc. It's just not possible to know what will sell to who, and where and when it might move.

Adam whatever happened to the planned Ephant Mon figure that was supposed to come out back in 97? I remember Toyfare doing a big article on Hasbro in it's first year of publication and I know they showed pics of a sculpter with his project: Ephant Mon. What happened?

Odds are it was either a custom or you imagined it. I bought most of the ToyFares in Year 1 and never once saw any official word from Hasbro *anywhere* as to this figure coming out.

Here is my dilemma: Having been a collector for over twenty years, I have built up quite a collection of loose complete items. Be it ships, figs, accessories, collectors series, they are all a party of my special toy family. Unless I buy duplicates for armies or diorama scenarios, I normally buy two of each item; one to open and one to keep carded. Anyway, you get the picture. Well, as of late I have been thinking about setting up some shelving in my humble little office to show off a lot of my loose items; primarily single carded Star Wars figs. I did display some a while back on a small shelf, but the dust covered them like crazy so I ended up storing them. The question is this: Any recommendations on how to display loose items without dust covering them? Yes, I know about the little display cases, but those only work for vintage figs. On top of that, the POTF2 and beyond figs carry either too large stance or the weapon / accessory won''t fit. Any advice on this evil dark side ailment would be appreciated. I love displaying my loose items, but when dust is lerking in the shadows, I am very hesitant.

Dust is something that has to be dealt with all the time, and it's always a real pain.

The most obvious option is to put them into some sort of plexiglass case. You can build one, check a local hobby store, visit P&P Products for specifically Star Wars ones, or another similar solution. The cases I've seen *do* hold the vintage guys pretty well, even most of the larger ones.

If you're like me and have no wallspace right now, I have mine out on whatever bases I have (or the Ultarama I was sent) and every now and again whip out a canned air duster thing to clean them off.

I've spent all day (well, the free time anyway) today playing Super Metroid from the Super Nintendo. I advise you do the same until the next Q&A update.

Unless, of course, you have a cart of Kirby's Dreamland 3 for sale or trade... in which case you should probably email me.

Questions for March 30, 2001

This question involves the Expanded Universe and its subsequent requested figures.

Do you think that figures should be made of every fan requested character regardless of appearance? I ask this inregard to the rumoured Boshek figure coming shortly. He would have to be the most pointless, boring figure every contemplated.

I say that no background humans should be made. Hasbro should only make background aliens and droids. They should have only made this figure and any character like him if it is conclusive that 100% of the collecting community wanted him and at the moment it would be about between 0-5%.

So Adam whats your opinon on the matter?

Well, aside from the obvious, here goes.

If a character-- any character-- can get sufficient fan support (say 10,000 names on a petition) then regardless of what I think, it should come out. If there are 10,000 BoShek fans out there, then great. There aren't-- but if there were, that'd be great.

Minor characters are weird. I remember arguing left and right with fans over the "need" for Wuher, and they said "no, what a worthless character, etc. etc." Worthless? Probably. But considering he completes a very popular scene (and is an integral part thereof) and his entire run seems to have sold out, I'd say that this is an example of how figures should be done. Yakface had a poll with like over 10,000 signatures (the number has significance) before Hasbro said "Yeah, OK."

I would buy background humans if they looked nifty or were priced right. Gimme a farmer and a droid for six bucks and you've got yourself a sale. Heck, several sales-- custom fodder. Given the chance, I would buy each and every alien, droid, and human costume made for the entire series of films if spread over a few years. (And so would most of you.) We've already got hundreds of these things, why not just go nuts and finish the job?

A lot of figures just don't seem to be like a good idea. I think General Madine in POTJ would be lame and a poor seller, unless they shortpacked it, then it would be "the best figure ever." But you can't get 100% of the collector community to agree on anything, ever. For every 50% that want something, maybe 15% don't care and 35% are vocally against it. I'm more or less indifferent-- if it's new and interesting, I want it. I'll make cracks about things (Porkins) but BoShek seems nothing short of r idiculous, and I'm sure that 98% of the support for this character comes from people going "well, Adam hates him, why not make him?"

(Not to sound like he of gargantuan ego, but c'mon, where else ever mentions this figure, anywhere, ever?)

I've been looking for a Y-wing for a while now, with no luck. Should I just give up? I'm really sick of Target. There's a lot of screaming kids and weirdos in that place. Also, a comics question: Will we ever get a regular ongoing comic with the "current" gang (anakin, obi-wan, jarjar, etc.). Hopefully one like the old marvel comic? There was a time when star wars was fun and pulpy and I want to see these new characters get into some minor adventures, some hi-jinks, some narrow escapes. Some derring-do would be great too.

As far as the Y-Wing goes, anything's possible. If the price is right, and it's a little more, you might want to just cave in. After all, if you REALLY want something, it's probably worth paying a few dollars now rather than paying a few dollars more later. Then again, if you don't, then you can save yourself the time and headache.

So far, I'd say that an ongoing comic with the current group is about zero-- but it's possible. Marvel had just Han, Chewie, and the carnivorous green rabbit for a while there, then shifted to a more of a group thing later on. I think it might be tough, considering there's a lot of character development between E1 and E2 and a lot of that is stuff that will probably directly affect the next flick. There's probably some "sacred ground" that Dark Horse can't cover, and I'd wager this is a part of it.

Did the beginning scroll in A New Hope always say, "Episode IV: A New Hope." Was this on the very, very first original release. If not when was it added.

I just realized I posted an unfinished answer to this question.

OK, here's the deal.

The original release in the theaters didn't have the "Episode IV: A New Hope" business on it, but later prints had it added, before the ESB release.

Any tips on how to make my vintage Tie Interceptors wings stay on without gluing them. The mechanism appears to be fine it just doesn't catch very well and... POP... they fly off when I least expect it.

Well, short of making absolutely sure the mechanism is OK (I advise getting a junked one and gutting it for the right parts), you can always try fishing wire, rubber bands, or tape.

I got a vintage mint ROTJ Klaatu on a mint, unpunched, 79 back card for my Birthday and as I was looking on the back I noticed that there are two different Klaatu's : #2 Klaatu (In Skiff Gaurd Outfit) and #24 Klaatu. Is this right? I don't remember this guy being such an instrumental part of ROTJ. I mean they wasted a lot of plastic to make this guy twice instead of making vintage Vader with removable helmet. Or maybe I am just over reacting. Thanks.

In the old days, Kenner was cool. They answered all their letters, sent out free stuff, and made aliens just because they looked cool. Klaatu was one of the many baddies dispatched to the Sarlacc in ROJ, but still, the original Klaatu is one heck of an awesome figure. Great sculpt, the cloth skirt (soft goods, whatever), it's just a great piece of toy art. The Skiff Guard one is great too... but I always really dug that first one.

Why no vintage RH Darth? According to Hasbro interviews I did in the past, it seems to be because of LucasFilm not wanting a figure giving away the ending on the market. Hasbro wanted to do one in 1996 and it got pushed back to spring 1998 because, well, apparently six people have yet to see the ending of ROJ.

Plus Kenner was pretty amazing when it came to a lack of resculpts-- there was Snaggletooth, C-3PO, R2-D2, and that's really it. All the Lukes and Hans were new outfits.

Everyone seemed to be waiting on that 12" Capt. Tarpals/Kaadu at Target, now they're still collecting dust at $41.90! What happened? No one liked it? I thought it was pretty cool. It was everything the 12" Dewback should've been(cool doll, cool critter, not too heavy for the box, etc.) and more. The skiff, Y-wing, 12" Speederbike flew off the shelves! I don't get it.

While stores like Toys "R" Us let things sit for a while, Target and Wal-Mart are very concerned with a quick turnaround-- toys that sit for a month are usually a bad sign. Target has been known to get very antsy and clearance some toys mere weeks after being introduced. Not exclusives, but brand new toy lines.

The Kaadu has a few things going against it. One, it's Episode One. Two, it's $60. And three, it's not all that cool. If it was a 12" Ronto with Jawa, it'd probably have done better. But it wasn't. So someone at Target HQ says "hey, we have six to fifty of these things sitting at each store taking up space where we could be putting out something for five or ten bucks that would turn over like that." And then he'd snap his fingers at "that."

Plus location location location. We got our Speederbikes clearanced out, and some areas had loads of unsold Skiffs and Y-Wings. Not here, but it happens. The Dewback really needs to be marked down, and some people say it has in a few regions. Frankly, if it isn't $40 or under, I could care less.

What do you think was the worst action figure from the original line? I hated the Imperial Dignatary. What's the point? He was barely in two scenes and didn't do anything. He was just a waste of plastic. Even though the ewoks are silly, they were a big factor in the trilogy and can be used in toy dioramas.

My vote goes to Prune Face, because I had no idea where to stick him when I set stuff up for the longest time. Fans as a whole had no idea who the hell he was supposed to be for the longest time. A Bothan Spy? An alien from Jabba's palace? Something that was just out of view of the camera?

The Dignitary was undoubtedly a figure that was meant for a smaller audience-- people with shuttles and collectors, most likely. Sure, he's dull-- but if you like your Imperials (and I know you all do) he's a pretty neat figure just to look at and say "wow, can't believe they did this in 1984."

I read on your site, Yakface, Jawa.com, and various others about people army building. Now personally I have never seen the Scout Trooper on the pegs and when I read people whining about not being able to have an entire garrison of them I get really pissed off. I think it would be really cool if there was a way to get collectors to never buy the last figure unless it would be their first copy of that figure. (A pipe dream, I know.) What are your thoughts on this?

Marxism won't make you any friends around here.

Despite new and fluid distribution methods, fans are always very antsy. "If you see it, if you want it, buy it." That's the law of the hobby. Also keep in mind that the bulk of the people you need to worry about-- eBay sellers, Flea Marketers, general scalpers-- would laugh at this harder than I'm laughing right now. (Which is pretty hard.)

I have two opened Scout Troopers. I own three, I've seen like a grand total of six. (I would like a grand total of six, but odds are it won't happen.)

If there were more of these out there, then there'd be no problems. And there will be... eventually.

Hey. What do you think of the molded shut robes on the last two Jedi Council members. I think that these are the pits, and ruin what could have been very cool figures. They should have been done like Obi-Wan (Naboo)

Frequent readers of the column may recallmy rant on the fact that these guys aren't able to sit. Considering that's what they do in the movie, it's a bit of a stinker. If ever there was a reason to include knees and soft goods parts on a figure, the Council would be it.

Considering there seems to be no plan to do a Council Chamber, it probably doesn't really matter. They look pretty great, but well, it would be nice to be able to do something with them beyond look at them stand on a shelf.

I've just started reading the New Jedi Order line of books, and to me they are very good. So my thought is, and I know this would never happen. But couldn't the possible episode 7 through 9 films, be based on these books. I know Lucas said a while ago that the story line went from 9 to 6 episodes. But if he wanted to include those episodes now, he at least has someone of a starting point.

But from my understanding of the books most of the characters (Han, Leia, Luke, Lando) they are all in the early to late 40's. You would have to cast the Solo children. but other then that the majority of the key acters are in place. I know getting Harrison Ford, could end up costing a lot of money, but I would think the other actors would be interested.

According to an old interview in Bantha Tracks, Lucas once said that Episodes 7-9 had to do with the character that survived Episode III and his adventures. (That's more or less a direct quote, I can't find the issue at press time.)

And as far as post-E3 goes, I think there's about no chance of anything ever happening unless Lucas just flips out one afternoon. While some actors would definitely do it, many of them are/were on the Men Behind The Masks tour. Harrison Ford has said he wouldn't be all that interested in playing Han Solo again... but one would assume Mark Hamill just might reprise the role of Luke Skywalker.

As far as the novels go, I don't think there's much of a chance of any movie being based on anything but George's ideas with a little bit of outside info. But first, he has to want to do the films... or trade of the franchise rights in exchange for the machine that can erase all evidence of LucasFilm's involvement with Howard the Duck.

This was Adam's last Questions & Adam posting prior to taking over the Yakface.com website.

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