Jedi Mentor


The Empire Strikes Back
Year: 2011
Order Of The Jedi
Regular Price: $69.99
Exclusive Price: $74.99
Regular Item Number: 100025
Regular Edition Size: 5,000
Exclusive Item Number: 1000251
Exclusive Edition Size: 750
UPC Number: 7 47720 21428 6

  • Robe
  • Long Shirt
  • Pants
  • Belt
  • Necklace
  • Gimmer Stick
  • Brown Snake
  • 4x Sets Of Hands
  • 2x Sets Of Feet
  • Log

  • Exclusive Accessory:
  • Orange Snake
  • While the oppression of the cruel Empire hangs like a dark shroud over the galaxy, the few remaining Jedi have gone into hiding to protect their knowledge and ways. Darth Vader, charged with hunting down and eliminating the last Jedi for his master, has scoured the galaxy in search of the stragglers, but, even two decades after the great purge began, a precious few have eluded him. On the arid world of Tatooine, baking under the rays of two Suns, Vader's former friend and master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, watches over the Dark Lord's son in secret from his humble desert hermitage. Half a galaxy away, on a world even less hospitable, the serene and gentle master Yoda, bides his time amid the swamp-life of the soggy planet Dagobah. Once among the greatest of all Jedi, Yoda has chosen this exile to preserve the hope of redemption and freedom for the galaxy.

    Under the boughs of dripping gnarl trees and between their twisted roots, the old master has built himself a cozy home of mud and clay. Here he sits in meditation and quiet contemplation of the Force, his consciousness attuned to the shifting tides of the great energy field that surrounds and binds all living things, awaiting the day when a new hope will emerge to free the galaxy from Sith tyranny.

    That hope lies in the secret offspring of the Dark Lord, young Luke Skywalker and his sister Leia. Separated and hidden by Yoda when they were born, the twins share an affinity for the Force and a destiny that he aspires to help them fulfill. When Luke comes to Dagobah in search of guidance, Yoda undertakes to train him in the ancient ways of the Jedi, which he has protected all these long years. Though their time is short, Yoda unlocks in Luke his innate Force affinity and seeks to enlighten him in understanding of the subtle ways in which it works. Only through the children of Anakin Skywalker can Yoda hope to bring about an end to the Emperor's rule and undo his own failure with Anakin himself, now hopelessly lost to the Dark Side.

    The Yoda: Jedi Mentor 1/6 scale figure was originally revealed through a sneak peek video in Sideshow’s production blog on May 21st, 2010. The figure, along with the Yoda’s Hutt –Dagobah environment, went up for pre-order on July 20th, 2010 as part of their 31 Days Of Comic Con event, and Yoda began to ship in late February 2011.

    Whatchu Gotta Know:
  • While the Yoda figure went up for pre-order at the same time as the Hut environment, the figure shipped earlier.
  • Sideshow designed a new buck body exclusively for use on Yoda figure, but it may also be used for a Yaddle figure as well.
  • Photography by D. Martin Myatt

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