Return of the Jedi

Year: 2007

1/6 Scale Figures

Retail: $799.99

Series: Premium Format Figures

Item Number: 7164

Limited Edition: 1500

Comments: A brutal and repressive regime, the Galactic Empire maintains control of its innumerable worlds through fear and intimidation. Powerful symbols of the peerless military might of the Empire, the Emperor's Imperial Stormtroopers maintain the dictator's far reaching iron grip throughout the galaxy, the executors of his will and the instruments of his wrath. At the point of a blaster rifle, the citizens of the Empire are held hostage to the agendas of the shadowy Sith Lord.

The stormtroopers designated as scouts wear a lightweight armor set with considerably more flexibility than their infantry counterparts. On the forest moon of Endor, Scout Troopers utilize Imperial speeder bikes for their reconnaissance and patrol duties, protecting the newly reconstructed Death Star's shield generator from the native species and any ambitious rebel forces. The hovering, repulsorlift enabled bikes can attain speeds in excess of 500 kilometers per hour, while remaining unbelievably maneuverable.

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Points of Interest:

  • The Premium Format 1:4 Scale Speeder Bike and Scout Trooper figure is akin to the stop motion maquettes used in the making of the famous chase sequence in Return of the Jedi. Every detail of the speeder bike and scout trooper has been accurately recreated in 1:4 scale, utilizing a mixture of materials to capture the proper look and feel. The bike is cast in heavy-weight polystone and white metal, and is mounted on a sturdy support rod. The body of the biker scout is cast in high-density foam, and incorporates several points of articulation so that you may adjust the pose and attitude of the trooper's head and arm. The trooper is costumed in a real fabric body glove, then finished with polystone and metal armor elements. The display base is cast in heavy-weight polystone, and finished on the base bottom with individual hand numbering.
  • Photography by D Martin Myatt

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