Source: (Revenge of the Sith)

Year: 2006

Number: 7126

1:4 Scale Figures

Retail: $450.00

25" H x 18" W x 18" W
(with Lightsabers)

Limited Edition No.:
100 of 2,500

Weapons and Accessories:

  • 4 Lightsabers
  • Base
    Fabric Cape with Clasp

  • Comments: The Galactic Republic is left in shambles as the debilitated systems of the galaxy are fooled into merging their resources with the corporate sectors. A powerful new Confederacy of Independent Systems emerges from the aftermath and forms a droid army of incomprehensible size, lead by a brilliant yet twisted military strategist. The by-product of the developers within the Confederacy, a cyborg amalgamation powered by his killer instincts, his cunning in battle and hate for the Jedi Republic, the evil General Grevious orchestrates a dominant battle for supremacy over the Clone Wars and takes the battle directly to the forefront of the Republic and the remaining Jedi that protect it.

    SCgrievous0001.jpg SCgrievous0002.jpg SCgrievous0003.jpg SCgrievous0004.jpg
    SCgrievous0005.jpg SCgrievous0009.jpg SCgrievous1569.jpg SCgrievous1570.jpg
    SCgrievous1571.jpg SCgrievous1572.jpg SCgrievous1573.jpg SCgrievous1574.jpg
    SCgrievous1575.jpg SCgrievous1576.jpg SCgrievous1577.jpg SCgrievous1578.jpg
    SCgrievous1579.jpg SCgrievous1580.jpg SCgrievous1581.jpg SCgrievous1582.jpg
    SCgrievous1583.jpg SCgrievous1584.jpg SCgrievous1587.jpg SCgrievous1588.jpg
    SCgrievous1590.jpg SCgrievous1591.jpg SCgrievous1593.jpg SCgrievous0021.jpg
    SCgrievous0022.jpg SCgrievous0023.jpg SCgrievous0024.jpg SCgrievous0025.jpg
    SCgrievous0026.jpg SCgrievous0027.jpg SCgrievous0028.jpg SCgrievous0029.jpg
    SCgrievous0030.jpg SCgrievous0031.jpg SCgrievous0032.jpg SCgrievous0033.jpg
    SCgrievous0034.jpg SCgrievous0036.jpg SCgrievous0037.jpg SCgrievous0038.jpg
    SCgrievous0039.jpg SCgrievous0041.jpg SCgrievous0042.jpg SCgrievous0043.jpg
    SCgrievous0045.jpg SCgrievous0047.jpg SCgrievous0049.jpg SCgrievous0050.jpg
    SCgrievous0051.jpg SCgrievous0052.jpg SCgrievous0053.jpg SCgrievous0054.jpg
    SCgrievous0055.jpg SCgrievous0057.jpg SCgrievous0058.jpg SCgrievous0059.jpg
    SCgrievous1594.jpg SCgrievous1595.jpg SCgrievous1596.jpg SCgrievous1598.jpg
    SCgrievous1601.jpg SCgrievous1603.jpg SCgrievous1606.jpg SCgrievous1608.jpg
    SCgrievous1604.jpg SCgrievous1605.jpg    

    Points of Interest:

  • The 1/4-scale Premium Format General Grievous Figure was meticulously sculpted to capture every detail of Grievous' techno-organic body, from the organs captured in his clear green chest cavity to the marbled surface of his armor.
  • The figure itself is a composite of metal, plastic, and polystone, engineered to provide the optimum stability and durability. The detailed paint application utilizes elaborate marbling and metallic techniques that breathe life into what little is left of his organic being. Each of the General's four robotic limbs wields a Jedi lightsaber, each a trophy from his fallen prey. Included is an environmental display stand with edition information on the base bottom.
  • Photography by D. Martin Myatt

  • Roll over image above to take Grievous for a spin!!

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