The Empire Strikes Back

Year: 2007

Premium Format Figures

Retail: $349.99

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Limited Edition: 1150

Exclusive Edition: 1150

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Comments: Spurred by a profound vision, young freedom-fighter and would-be Jedi Luke Skywalker has travelled across the galaxy on an errand of faith. With nothing more than the memory of his near-death vision on Hoth and the intangible draw of the Force to guide him, Luke has found his way to the distant planet of Dagobah. Arriving on the murky, sodden world of drowned forests and slithering creatures, at first Luke finds little more than disappointment and mud, a sentiment shared by the forlorn R2-D2, first to encounter one of the swamp's larger and hungrier inhabitants.

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Meeting a shriveled and eccentric local does little to improve either's impression, especially when the tiny, green creature seems interested only in disheveling their camp and making a general nuisance of himself as he rifles for amusing trinkets and snacks. But appearances can be deceptive, as Luke discovers. This is Yoda's first lesson for the young man, for, in spite of his doubts and impatience, Luke has indeed found the great Jedi Master spoken of in his vision. Small and frail Yoda might appear, but through him flows a power greater than Luke can imagine- the power of life itself, the power of the Force.

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Though they have only a short time together, under Yoda's tutelage Luke proves a quick study in the ways of the Force. Amid the perpetual mists and dripping gnarled trees, the ancient Jedi instructs him in a vigorous training routine, both spiritual and physical. Luke has many doubts and questions, but Yoda is a wise and steady teacher. Almost nine hundred years old, he has taught many Jedi through the centuries, though Luke's training has greater urgency than any before him. Within the young Skywalker resides the galaxy's promise for salvation, an end to the tyranny of the Empire, though even Luke does not yet know the true role that he must play for this to come to pass.

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Points of Interest:

  • SIDESHOW EXCLUSIVE EDITION - The Sideshow Exclusive version of the Luke & Yoda set includes the helmet of the ethereal Darth Vader that Luke dueled during his training. In a moment of fear, Luke struck with his lightsaber, severing Vader's helmet. Stunned, Luke stared at the helmet as the face mask exploded, revealing his own face inside! The spectral, damaged Vader helmet, with Luke's face revealed, includes its very own display base.
  • The Premium Format 1:4 Scale Luke & Yoda figure set captures the pair in the midst of training in the boggy wilderness of Dagobah. The Luke figure is constructed of hand-cast polystone, each hand-painted to exacting standards, and meticulously finished, including considered details such as hair strands cast in flexible metal, designed to add realism to his sweaty hair while simultaneously preventing breakage. Luke is outfitted for his trek through the swamp, with a real fabric 1:4 scale reproduction of his sweat-stained clothing. Yoda is comfortably seated in Luke's backpack, which is finished with real metal buckles and details. The underside of the detailed, environmental sculpted base is hand-numbered with the specific edition number of your unique piece.
  • Photography by D Martin Myatt

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