(Ilum Mission)

Clone Wars

Year: 2007

1/6 Scale Figures

Retail: $54.99

Series: Heroes of the Rebellion

Item Number: 2140

Limited Edition: 3500


  • Fully articulated short female body with 30+ points of articulation
  • Authentic likeness of Natalie Portman as Padm? Amidala
  • Hooded snow suit
  • Fur-trimmed cape
  • Boots
  • Detailed Belt with holster
  • Blaster Pistol
  • Electro-binoculars
  • Grenade
  • Gloved hands
  • 12-Inch Figure Display Base with Star Wars logo

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Comments: Former Queen of Naboo, Padm? Amidala continues her public service as Senator of the Naboo people. Strong and fair, she is devoted to a peaceful democracy and speaks out against Chancellor Palpatine's sudden rise in powers and the creation of the Clone Army. She supports the Jedi Order and vows to help them fight the Separatist rebellion that threatens to weaken the Republic as the once democratic Senate begins to shift toward tyranny. As Padm? voices her concerns in the Senate, the Jedi fight a battle of their own.

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Separatists have attacked the ice caves of Ilum in hopes of weakening the Jedi Order and their defense of the Republic. These ice caves house the precious crystals used by Jedi to power their lightsabers, and among them is the force-rich Crystal Cave, a Jedi temple where the past and future of the Jedi order can be seen. With these caves in danger, the Jedi must ambush the Separatists on the icy planet of Ilum.

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In the first volume of the animated Star Wars: Clone Wars series, Padm? travels with Jedi Master Yoda to Ilum as reinforcement to a failing Jedi resistance. Ambushing the Separatist forces, Padm? and the Jedi are able to regain control of the crystal rich ice caves and the Jedi's sacred temple.

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Points of Interest:

  • In a recent poll, fans selected this Snow Bunny version of Padm? Amidala as the Star Wars Expanded Universe character that they most wanted to see as a collectible figure. In the true spirit of the Republic, the voice of the people has been heard!
  • Photography by D Martin Myatt

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