(Jedi Knight)

(Return of the Jedi)

Year: 2006

1/6 Scale Figures

Retail: $49.99

Series: Order of the Jedi

Item Number: 21041

Exclusive Edition: 1250

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From The Mouth Of The Creators:
Brant Bridges, Sideshow Collectibles' Production Manager:

RS: What was your part in the creation of this figure?

BB: I am the humble servant of the artists and brilliant minds around me. Our team manages the coordination of the creative process from concept to prototype, and then transfers the product overseas for production.

SSC16lukejedi100.jpg SSC16lukejedi101.jpg SSC16lukejedi102.jpg SSC16lukejedi103.jpg
SSC16lukejedi104.jpg SSC16lukejedi105.jpg SSC16lukejedi106.jpg SSC16lukejedi107.jpg
SSC16lukejedi108.jpg SSC16lukejedi109.jpg SSC16lukejedi110.jpg SSC16lukejedi111.jpg

RS: Ultimately, why was Jedi Luke chosen to be the first figure?

BB: We wanted to do a main OT character...We wanted to do a version of an OT character that we have not done in the Premium Format line, which pretty well ruled out ANH. We wanted to do a major costume, not one of the transitional outfits (not Dagobah Luke or Ewok Celebration Leia) Jedi Luke stood out as a great candidate, and was a figure done before by both Hasbro and Medicom. Jedi Luke gave us an opportunity to illustrate the difference between Sideshow’s interpretations of the characters, and other companies.

SSC16lukejedi112.jpg SSC16lukejedi113.jpg SSC16lukejedi114.jpg SSC16lukejedi115.jpg
SSC16lukejedi116.jpg SSC16lukejedi117.jpg SSC16lukejedi118.jpg SSC16lukejedi119.jpg
SSC16lukejedi120.jpg SSC16lukejedi121.jpg SSC16lukejedi122.jpg SSC16lukejedi123.jpg

RS: From concept to production, how long did the development process take to create Jedi Luke?

BB: Generally, we spend about 6 months on any given character. This time includes sculpture, submitting the sculpture for approvals, reworking, painting, resubmitting, reworking, costuming, prototyping, and final submission and approval.

SSC16lukejedi124.jpg SSC16lukejedi125.jpg SSC16lukejedi127.jpg SSC16lukejedi128.jpg
SSC16lukejedi129.jpg SSC16lukejedi130.jpg SSC16lukejedi132.jpg SSC16lukejedi133.jpg
SSC16lukejedi134.jpg SSC16lukejedi135.jpg SSC16lukejedi136.jpg SSC16lukejedi137.jpg

RS: What was the motivation behind the packaging design?

BB: We wanted to break out of our traditional packaging, which is one window view of one blister with an opening front flap. We were determined to do something more elaborate. Most of the Star Wars figures are really, really loaded with accessories, so there has to be enough space on the blister to show off all those goodies. The double blister style was the created by Peter Mitchell, a very talented designer.

SSC16lukejedi138.jpg SSC16lukejedi139.jpg SSC16lukejedi141.jpg SSC16lukejedi142.jpg
SSC16lukejedi143.jpg SSC16lukejedi144.jpg SSC16lukejedi145.jpg SSC16lukejedi147.jpg
SSC16lukejedi148.jpg SSC16lukejedi149.jpg SSC16lukejedi150.jpg SSC16lukejedi151.jpg

RS: The production numbers on the Jedi Luke figure are lower than that of the other core characters so far announced. Where you surprised by the overwhelming response the figure received?

BB: Sideshow is a conservative company, with a reputation for high quality collectable product. We hate to see collectors investing in our product, only to have it devalued after it is released, so we try very, very hard to set an edition size that is big enough to include the die-hard collectors that know about the product, and the small group that hasn’t yet discovered Sideshow. We don’t set edition sizes like mass-market companies do, hoping for casual collectors or atypical customers to buy our product. We know, and love, our customer. To say we were surprised by Luke’s popularity may be an exaggeration, but we were very very pleased. It means that we can expect a long and healthy life from the Star Wars 12-inch line.

We’ve been closely watching the sell-out timing on the exclusive Star Wars figures, and we’ve been making changes to make life easier. Believe it or not, the system is designed to be as fair as possible. We don’t want people to have to spend their valuable time or gas money chasing around to find our figures, and we want to make the ordering process as painless and easy as possible. It’s just amazing how many collectors hit our site at once when the priority pre-orders become available! We are still watching everything very, very closely, and we will continue to make improvements as the line grows, and the fan base grows.

SSC16lukejedi152.jpg SSC16lukejedi153.jpg SSC16lukejedi154.jpg SSC16lukejedi160.jpg
SSC16lukejedi161.jpg SSC16lukejedi162.jpg SSC16lukejedi163.jpg SSC16lukejedi199.jpg
SSC16lukejedi200.jpg SSC16lukejedi201.jpg SSC16lukejedi202.jpg SSC16lukejedi203.jpg

RS: The choice of facial expression seems to be a risk that paid off. Were there other expressions considered, and if so, what was it about this expression that won the day?

BB: Great question, and not an easy one to answer. What makes a great portrait, or a perfect likeness? There are a LOT of answers, but it is fairly subjective. Sideshow generally believes that the best portraits are successful because they capture the essence of a character, through a facial expression or those distinctive facial features (think of the features that a caricaturist would highlight). A good portrait sculptor, like Mat, Andy, or Oluf, is able to do more than recreate an exact miniature portrait – they are able to draw out the personality and the flaws that make a face ‘real.’ Mat and the team felt strongly that this version of Luke needed to expose his humanity, his thoughtfulness, his wisdom. Perhaps a future version of Luke will focus more on his grit and determination. It’s not as though this is the only Luke that we’ll ever do... :)

SSC16lukejedi204.jpg SSC16lukejedi205.jpg SSC16lukejedi206.jpg SSC16lukejedi207.jpg
SSC16lukejedi208.jpg SSC16lukejedi209.jpg SSC16lukejedi210.jpg SSC16lukejedi211.jpg
SSC16lukejedi212.jpg SSC16lukejedi213.jpg SSC16lukejedi214.jpg SSC16lukejedi215.jpg

RS: At what point during the design was it determined that the wrist joint should be retooled?

BB: Pretty much as soon as we had decided to include multiple hands. Over the years, many people have complained that it is difficult to switch hands, or that they were simply afraid of breaking the figure. We decided it was time to make it easier.

SSC16lukejedi216.jpg SSC16lukejedi217.jpg SSC16lukejedi218.jpg SSC16lukejedi219.jpg
SSC16lukejedi220.jpg SSC16lukejedi221.jpg SSC16lukejedi222.jpg SSC16lukejedi223.jpg
SSC16lukejedi224.jpg SSC16lukejedi225.jpg SSC16lukejedi226.jpg SSC16lukejedi228.jpg

RS: It would seem that you were able to pretty much cover every accessory Luke had in hand in the first half of ROTJ. Is there a chance that the character will be revisited again in the future with accessories better suited for the second half of the film?

BB: Never say never. We really didn’t intend for this to be a complete ROTJ Luke, because there are a lot of possibilities with Endor. The helmet, the poncho, the speederbike, Wicket, ewok babies, handcuffs, and much more. He would need an entirely different head in order to fit the helmet, or perhaps two heads so that each would look ‘normal’ whether or not the helmet was on (read – no helmet hair). In any event, another version of Jedi Luke is a long way down the road. There are too many other characters to tackle!

SSC16lukejedi229.jpg SSC16lukejedi230.jpg SSC16lukejedi231.jpg SSC16lukejedi232.jpg
SSC16lukejedi233.jpg SSC16lukejedi236.jpg SSC16lukejedi237.jpg SSC16lukejedi238.jpg
SSC16lukejedi239.jpg SSC16lukejedi240.jpg SSC16lukejedi241.jpg SSC16lukejedi245.jpg

RS: Are there plans to use this packaging style on other lines, such as LOTR, or will it be solely for the Star Wars figures?

BB: LOTR will be something entirely different. I don’t believe we’re planning to use the Star Wars format for anything else, at the moment.

SSC16lukejedi246.jpg SSC16lukejedi400.jpg SSC16lukejedi401.jpg SSC16lukejedi402.jpg
SSC16lukejedi403.jpg SSC16lukejedi405.jpg SSC16lukejedi406.jpg SSC16lukejedi407.jpg
SSC16lukejedi498.jpg SSC16lukejedi499.jpg SSC16lukejedi500.jpg SSC16lukejedi501.jpg

RS: In hindsight, would you have liked to see anything changed?

BB: Of course, we’re always reviewing our products for ways we could have made the figure better, and we’re scanning the forums to see what the general consensus is. Perhaps we can tighten the hand connection, and I’m sure we can improve on the arm length for future ‘short’ figures. But all in all, we are very proud of Luke.

SSC16lukejedi502.jpg SSC16lukejedi503.jpg SSC16lukejedi504.jpg SSC16lukejedi505.jpg
SSC16lukejedi506.jpg SSC16lukejedi507.jpg SSC16lukejedi508.jpg SSC16lukejedi509.jpg
SSC16lukejedi510.jpg SSC16lukejedi511.jpg SSC16lukejedi515.jpg SSC16lukejedi519.jpg
SSC16lukejedi520.jpg SSC16lukejedi524.jpg SSC16lukejedi814.jpg SSC16lukejedi816.jpg
SSC16lukejedi817.jpg SSC16lukejedi818.jpg SSC16lukejedi100a.jpg  

Points of Interest:

  • Jedi Luke Skywalker is Sideshow's first 1/6 Scale Star Wars action figure.
  • It premiered on November 8th, 2005.
  • The exclusive edition sold out in 3 hours.
  • A Regular Edition was also available without the additional accessory. Click here for a look at that version.
  • Photography by D. Martin Myatt

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