(Moisture Farmer- Tatooine)

Source: A New Hope

Year: 2008

Assortment: 1/6 Scale Figures

Retail: $69.99

Series: Heroes Of The Rebellion

Item Number: 2116

Exclusive Number: 21161

Limited Edition: 2500

Exclusive Edition: 1977

Figure Announced: 01-10-2008

Pre-order Opened: 01-18-2008


  • Authentic likeness of Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker from Episode IV: A New Hope
  • Fully articulated short male body with 30+ points of articulation
  • Accessories include:
    • Farmer’s tunic
    • Pants
    • Belt
    • Poncho
    • Boots
    • 2 Leg wraps
    • Interchangeable hands, including:
      • Pistol right hand
      • Saber grip right hand
      • Saber grip left hand
      • Relaxed left hand
    • Droid caller
    • Electrobinoculars w/ interchangeable view ports
    • Long rifle
    • Stormtrooper blaster
    • Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber hilt
    • Anakin Skywalker’s ignited lightsaber
    • 12-inch Figure Stand with Star Wars logo.
    • EXCLUSIVE EDITION ACCESSORIES: Floppy hat and goggles
  • For their forth 1/6 scale figure based on Luke Skywalker, Sideshow Collectibles focused on the character's most iconic look. Straight of the farm on Tatooine, this figure is like a warm return to the first moment most Star Wars fans became obsessed with a galaxy far, far away.

    The Luke Skywalker (Mosture Farmer: Tatooine) figure was designed by Mat Falls, Heath Hammond, Darth Rimmer, Jared Chapman, Bernardo Esquivel, Jesse Lincoln, Tim Niver, Kevin Ellis, and the Sideshow Collectibles Design and Development Team, and features a portrait sculpted by Trevor Grove.

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    As the galaxy struggles in the oppressive grip of the tyrannical Empire, a meagerly equipped Rebel Alliance strives to strike a victory against their overwhelming foe. Slim hope comes when secret plans to the Empire's mighty Death Star are stolen by Rebel spies, but when Princess Leia's starship is attacked and boarded by Darth Vader and his troops, she is forced to hide them in the memory banks of an astromech droid named R2-D2. Fleeing with the secret plans, he and his counterpart, the protocol droid C-3PO, escape to the backwater planet of Tatooine leaving the Empire to begin an exhaustive search of the barren world.

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    Eventually the droids find their way into the possession of idealistic young Luke Skywalker, whose dreams of adventure and excitement far away are fulfilled at terrible cost when the Empire's stormtroopers come looking for them. Along with the droids and the wise Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke embarks upon a mission to return the lost plans to the Rebellion, enlisting the services of the bold and brash smuggler Han Solo and his loyal Wookiee co-pilot Chewbacca. Discovering the beautiful Princess Leia scheduled for execution aboard the Death Star itself, Luke's noble endeavor soon turns into a fumbling rescue and a desperate escape. All now depends on the heroes escaping the Empire's grip and restoring the secret plans to the Rebels.

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    From ordinary surroundings, Luke undertakes an epic journey, as much of growth in himself as one of distance and time, to become something greater than he could have ever imagined, a hero. Though he wields a lightsaber and flies a starfighter, Luke is still a young man at heart just like any other, struggling to find himself in the universe, although the Force is strong with him.

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    Points of Interest:

  • The Luke Skywalker shot in this Photo Archive is the exclusive edition. The box for the regular edition does not have the gold ‘exclusive’ sticker on the front or the little orange sticker on the bottom. The accessory blister on the regular edition is a bit different, as it does not have a spot in it for the hat or goggles.
  • Photography by D. Martin Myatt

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