(Jedi Master)

(Prequel Trilogy)

Year: 2006

1/6 Scale Figures

Retail: $49.99

Series: Order of the Jedi

Item Number: 21091

Exclusive Edition: 1750

Comments: Accessories include:

  • Undershirt
  • Tabbard
  • Tunic
  • Pants
  • Boots
  • Jedi Robe
  • Accessories including:
    • Detailed belt w/ opening pouches and lightsaber clip
    • Jedi Food Capsules
    • Jedi Holoprojector
    • Jedi Comlink
    • Episode 2 & 3 Lightsaber hilt
    • Episode 2 & 3 Lightsaber hilt w/ ignited blade
    • Episode 1 Lightsaber hilt w/ ignited blade
  • Interchangeable hands, including
    • Saber grip left
    • Saber grip right
    • Force gesture left
    • Severed hand stump
  • 12-Inch Figure Display Base with Star Wars logo
  • SIDESHOW EXCLUSIVE - Jango Fett's battle damaged helmet
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    Governing the Order of the Jedi during the tempestuous Clone Wars is the Jedi Council, a twelve-being body comprised of masters of many talents, some warriors of great renown, others sagely and studious, but all wise and selfless, having distinguished themselves by their dedication to enduring peace and justice. Steering this assemblage by example are two of the greatest Jedi of all time. Master Yoda, almost a full millennium in age, wise beyond measure and keenly perceptive, is the sagely grandfather-figure of the current order. Though outwardly small and frail, his tiny frame is a conduit for the power of the Force, which flows through him like a river.

    MACE-13.jpg MACE-14.jpg MACE-15.jpg MACE-16.jpg
    MACE-17.jpg MACE-18.jpg MACE-19.jpg MACE-20.jpg

    In counterpoint to the understated reserve of Yoda, beside him on the council sits the mighty Mace Windu, a Jedi master whose seething intensity and piercing gaze can melt an opponent's resolve with barely a glance. No less wise than Yoda, Mace's presence is a reminder to all of the strength of the Jedi that flows from the Force. As a swordsman, he is unmatched in skill, the master of vaapad- a dangerously powerful lightsaber technique that unleashes tremendous destructive force and can only be wielded by the most vigilant and self-possessed of Jedi.

    MACE-27.jpg MACE-28.jpg MACE-29.jpg MACE-30.jpg
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    During the Clone Wars, Mace Windu's directness and clarity of vision see him taking the role of most senior general in the Grand Army of the Republic. The campaign forges ahead under his leadership, often with Mace himself leading the charge. The Korun Jedi's unique electrum finish, violet-hued lightsaber, seen thrumming and flashing on the front line, is sure to sow fear and doubt among the Separatist leaders.

    MACE-50.jpg MACE-51.jpg MACE-52.jpg MACE-53.jpg
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    It is Mace's ability to see the grand picture, even in the heat of battle, that makes him the leader he is, and as the war drags on, an uneasiness concerning the role of the Republic's own Chancellor begins to grow into cool distrust and suspicion. Of all the Jedi, it is Mace Windu who first suspects that the true goal of the war might not be the endurance of the democratic Republic, but the destruction of the Jedi who protect it.

    MACE-63.jpg MACE-64.jpg MACE-65.jpg MACE-66.jpg

    Points of Interest:

  • A Regular Edition was also available without the additional accessory.
  • Photography by D. Martin Myatt

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