0-0-0 AND BT-1 0-0-0 & BT-1 2017 Star Wars Celebration Orlando exclusive ARTFX+ model kit from Kotobukiya Celebration Orlando 2017 Exclusive ARTFX+ Model Set

Kotobukiya revealed their 0-0-0 (Triple Zero) & BT-1 ARTFX+ 1/10 Scale Model Kit two pack on March 8, 2017 as one of the four kits they produced for Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 exclusives. Like the others, which included R4-M9, R2-X2, and R5-D4 sold out at the event. In fact, this set, which included a very nice Adi Granov art print of the murderous Marvel Comics duo.

The set was made available for purchase in April, 2017.

Product Packaging
Product Information
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Year: 2017
Original Retail: $64.99
Product SKU: SW131
UPC: 1 90526 00402 3

Included in the box:
  • BT-1 Trunk & Dome
  • BT-1 Left Leg
  • BT-1 Right Leg
  • BT-1 Middle Leg (down)
  • BT-1 Middle Leg (up)
  • 0-0-0 Head
  • 0-0-0 Torso
  • 0-0-0 Left Arm
  • 0-0-0 Right Arm
  • 0-0-0 Legs
  • Commemorative Coin
  • 2x Display Bases
  • Print
  • Instructions
Original solicitation text:

    Star Wars Celebration 2017 Exclusive 0-0-0 (Triple Zero) & BT-1 ARTFX+
    A Kotobukiya Japanese import! Activated by Doctor Aphra and under the service of Darth Vader the assassin Droids known as 0-0-0 (Triple Zero) & BT-1 appear for the first time in the ARTFX+ series! Programed in the art of “etiquette and torture” this dastardly duo wreaks havoc (and incinerations) across the galaxy!

    Triple Zero stands just over 6 ½ inches tall while BT-1 stands 4 ½ inches tall in 1/10th ARTFX+ scale. Magnets in their feet provide the perfect stability on the included metal display bases. As with other Celebration exclusives this release also includes a special commemorative collector’s coin. And as an extra special bonus to this set only, a 10” x 8” print is included in the box with exclusive artwork by acclaimed artist Adi Granov!

    srp $79.99
    Available APRIL 2017.

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Text & Photography by D. Martin Myatt

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