Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith
(Clone Commander Cody | Anakin Skywalker | General Grievous | Clone Pilot)

Revenge of the Sith

Year: 2007
(K-Mart Exclusive)

Assortment: Commemorative Tin Collections

Retail: $35.19

Assortment Number: 87681/87154

UPC Number: 6 53569 29064 3

Weapons and Accessories:

  • DC-15 Rifle
  • 2 DC-15 Blasters
  • Jet Backpack
  • Helmet
  • Lightsaber Hand
  • Normal Hand
  • Lightsaber Hilt
  • Lightsaber
  • Electropole
  • Droid Blaster
  • Collector Tin
  • 2 Card Hooks
    Species: HUman
    Status: Clone
    Weapon of Choice: Blaster
    Comments: Clone Commander Cody serves in the Clone Wars, often under the command of Obi-Wan Kenobi. He has been specially trained to take on a leadership role requiring more independence.
  • Clone Commander Cody is a repack of 2006's TSC Clone Commander Cody.

    Species: Human
    Status: Jedi Knight
    Weapon of Choice: Lightsaber
    Comments: Anakin is appointed by Palaptine to be the Chancellor's personal representative on the Jedi Council. The Council, disturbed by this action, allows Anakin membership but refuses to make him a Master.
  • Anakin Skywalker is a repack of 2006's TSC Anakin Skywalker.

    Species: kaleesh
    Status: General
    Weapon of Choice: Lightsabers
    Comments: Grievous is the leader of the Confederacy's droid army. He is a brilliant strategist and has been taught how to duel with a lightsaber. He is a cyborg warrior built and trained for battle.
  • General Grievous is a repack of 2006's TSC General Grievous.

    Species: Human
    Status: Clone
    Weapon of Choice: Blaster
    Comments: From the ranks of the clone army, some troopers are selected for specialized training to become pilots. During the Clone Wars, they fly Republic attack gunships, ARC-170 starfighters, and V-wing fighters.
  • Clone Pilot is a repack of 2005's ROTS Clone (Shadow) Pilot.

  • Points of Interest:
  • The tin is a repack of the tin from 2006's TAC Episode III Commemorative Tin Collection.
  • Photography by Dan Curto

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