(Battle Pack)

Jedi Training on Dagobah

The Empire Strikes Back
Year: 2008
Retail: $19.99
Assortment: Battle Packs
Assortment Number: 89579/87752
UPC Number: 6 56569 36269 2
Weapons and Accessories:

  • 2 Lightsabers
  • Lightsaber Blade
  • Lightsaber Hilt
  • Spirit Cape
  • Blaster
  • Gimer Stick
  • Comments: Humid and inhospitable, the bog world of Dagobah was the home of the last of the great Jedi Masters. After a fevered vision of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker uses the Force to find this mysterious world, where he hopes to complete his Jedi training. There, in the oppressive heat of the swamp, young Luke undergoes the grueling tests that will mold him into a Jedi Knight.

    Luke Skywalker: Skywalker is a fast and eager learner, but his own impatience and latent anger are his greatest enemies.
  • Luke Skywalker is based on 2002's SAGA Luke Skywalker (Bespin Duel) 02-29. This time around, his hand is not removable and the lightsaber is a single piece.
  • R2-D2: Artoo often finds himself in dangerous situations, such as when he falls into the marshy swamp on Dagobah.
  • R2-D2 is a repaint of 2004's SAGA R2-D2 (Jabba's Sail Barge) 04-05.
  • Yoda: Yoda is one of the few Jedi Masters to survive the coming of the dark times to the galaxy.
  • Yoda is a repaint of 2004's OTC Yoda OTC-02. This time around, he only comes with his cane.
  • Spirit of Darth Vader: Luke's insecurities, and the dark side of the Force, produce the manifestation of the evil Sith Lord.
  • Spirit of Darth Vader is a repaint of the figure from 2003's SAGA Imperial Forces multipack, making this a new figure for this set that has never been released before.
  • Technically this is not a spirit, but rather an apparition.

  • Spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi: Obi-Wan's spirit directs Luke to Dagobah and convinces Yoda to teach Luke in the ways of the Force.
  • Spirit iof Obi-Wan Kenobi is a repaint of 2004's OTC Spirit Obi-Wan OTC-03.
  • Points of Interest:
  • This set was originally released in the 2007 TAC line, but the Darth Vader figure was based on a different sculpt. The Spirit of Darth Vader figure included in this set is unique to this release.
  • Photography by Dan Curto

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