(Star Wars Evolutions)

Source: Star Wars Saga
Year: 2008
Assortment: Evolutions
Retail: $19.99
Assortment Number: 87893/87874
UPC Number: 6 56569 33926 7

Comments: The Mandalorians are proud people whose lives are based on war. For thousands of years, these skilled fighters have crisscrossed the galaxy on crusades of conquest. They are feared and respected for their unparalleled battle skills and have left a blazing mark upon history. Mandalore the Indomitable is a legendary leader from long ago; Jango Fett “fathers” the clone trooper army; and his “son” Boba Fett uses his Mandalorian skills to become the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy.

Mandalore: (Knights of the Old Republic)
Weapons and Accessories:
  • Shield
  • Spear
  • Battle Axe
  • Shoulder Armor
  • Cape

  • Jango Fett: (Attack of the Clones)
    Weapons and Accessories:
  • Mitrinomon Z-6 Jet Pack
  • Removable Helmet
  • 2 Westar-34 Blasters

  • Boba Fett: (The Empire Strikes Back)
    Weapons and Accessories:
  • Mitrinomon Z-6 Jet Pack
  • Removable Helmet
  • EE-3 Sawed-Off Blaster Rifle
  • Blaster Pistol

  • Points of Interest:
  • The Fett Legacy Evolutions set was originally available in 2007's TAC Evolutions line.
  • There has been a change to the Boba Fett figure: the symbols on his armor were inadvertantly left off, and the helmet has also been painted with a more screen-accurate deco. Initial releases did see the original version in this new packaging, although this was quickly changed.
  • Photography by Dan Curto

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