Source: A New Hope

Year: 2006
(Shared Exclusive)

Assortment: Scene Packs

Retail: $39.99

Assortment Number: 87268

UPC Number: 6 53569 20231 8

Weapons and Accessories: Darth Vader:

  • Lightsaber

  • Grand Moff Tarkin
  • BlasTech E-11 Blaster Pistol

  • Admiral Motti
  • BlasTech E-11 Blaster Pistol

  • General Tagge
  • BlasTech E-11 Blaster Pistol

  • Chief Bast
  • BlasTech E-11 Blaster Pistol

  • Officer Cass
  • BlasTech E-11 Blaster Pistol

  • Colonel Wulf Yularen
  • BlasTech E-11 Blaster Pistol

  • Comments: Though not yet fully operational, the Death Star was already an imposing presence, dwarfing its Star Destroyer escort as it cruised through deep space during its final pre-operations check. Even as the final systems check progressed flawlessly, the Imperial officers in command of the battle station met in their first strategy session to plot the total destruction of the Rebel Alliance, and the continued domination of the Emperor.

    Darth Vader: Though he is not an official commander aboard the Death Star, Vader's commands as the personal envoy of the Emperor carry great weight, especially when he backs them up with the power of the dark side.
  • Darth Vader is a repack of the figure from 2000's POTJ Masters of the Dark Side multipack.
  • Grand Moff Tarkin: Ambitious, brilliant and dedicated to the Emperor's New Order, tarkin intends to crush without mercy all resistance to the Emperor's rule.
  • Grand Moff Tarkin is a repaint of 2005's ROTS
    Tarkin (Governor) III-45.
  • Admiral Motti: Second of the triumvirate in command of the Death Star, Motti believes the power of the Death Star dwarfs all others in the universe. He learns the fallacy of this belief at the hand of Darth Vader, to his regret.
  • Admiral Motti is a repaint of 2000's POTF2
    Admiral Motti.
  • General Tagge: The cautious and unambitious third in command of the Death Star, Tagge urges caution in dealing with the Rebellion. His recommendation is ignored, and he dies along with his fellow commnaders when the Death Star is destroyed.
  • General Tagge are all retooled figures using parts from Moff Jerjerrod and Admiral Ozzel.
  • Chief Bast: Personal assistant to Grand Moff Tarkin aboard the Death Star, Bast shares tagge's opinion that the Rebellion is more powerful than many Imperials believe. He is one of very few Imperial officers to successfully evacuate from the Death Star before its destruction.
  • Chief Bast are all retooled figures using parts from
    Moff Jerjerrod and Admiral Ozzel.
  • Officer Cass: As a high-level communications officer, Cass is entrusted with the most sensitive information and communications between the Death Star and Imperial command.
  • Officer Cass are all retooled figures using parts from Moff Jerjerrod and Admiral Ozzel.
  • Colonel Wulf Yularen: Though none of the officers present know it, Yularen is an agent of the Imperial Security Bureau tasked with informing on any treasonous activity among the officer corps abord the Death Star.
  • Colonel Wulf Yularen are all retooled figures using parts from Moff Jerjerrod and Admiral Ozzel.

  • Points of Interest:
  • Bast, Cass, Tagge, & Yularen all use the same parts: the legs of Admiral Ozzel, and the skirt and arms from Moff Jerjerrod. In addition, all 4 figures have a new chest that is based on the Moff Jerjerrod figure, but the folds are more pronounced, and the rank cylinders are missing (although Tagge and Cass have them painted on.)
  • In addition, there are 2 pairs of new hands for two figures each. Yularen and Tagge have a left hand pointing & a right hand gripping (for the blaster). Bast and Cass have a right hand grasping & a left hand gripping (for the blaster.)
  • Finally, all 4 new Imperial Officers have their own unique head.
  • Photography by Dan Curto

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