(Return of the Jedi)

Date Stamp: 1983

Release Date: 1984

Carded Availability:
  Return of the Jedi

Assortment No. : 71210

Retail: $2.99

Weapons and Accessories: 

  • None

  • Point of Interest: 
      Originally available in the 1983 Jabba the Hutt Dungeon playset, this figure first appeared carded on the Return Of The Jedi 77 back card in the United States, but can also be found on the Emperor offer Canadian Return Of The Jedi 65 Back card.

    Comments: How is it a mute white robot that looks like it belongs on a Pete Townsend album cover could be a popular action figure? Well, in the case of 8D8, there is the whole Star Wars character angle, plus like many kids, this guy liked taking out his aggressions on poor little Power Droids. So it would seem a no-brainer... Well, except that this dude wasn’t really a popular action figure. Chances are, anyone with hours on their hands (like any toy collector doesn’t have too much of that) could probably still find a couple of these carded at their local mom and pop toy store. Hint: Look behind the Bionic Six action figures in the discount bin.

    Major Variations: Though all vintage figures have minor variations, the 8D8 action figure has a major sculpt variation in its legs. The legs were produced both with and without circles on the hip.

    Due to the way this figure was built, its legs are removable therefore making it impossible to say whether or not the legs were ever mixed. There are four possible configurations:

    • Left and Right Legs with circles
    • Left and Right Legs without circles
    • Left Leg with circle and Right Legs without circle
    • Left Leg without circle and Right Legs with circle

    Text & Photography by D. Martin Myatt.

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