(The Empire Strikes Back)

Date Stamp: 1980

Release Date: 1981

Carded Availability:
  The Empire Strikes Back
  Return of the Jedi

Assortment No. : 69620

Retail: $2.49

Weapons and Accessories: 

  • Blue Bespin blaster

  • Point of Interest: 
      This figure was included in the Rebel Command Center Adventure Set, but made it's first carded appearance on The Empire Strikes Back 41 back card. This figure also appeared as General Veers on a Canadian exclusive skin wrapped card*.

    Comments: Did you notice that the AT AT Commander, (or as Canadian's knew him) General Veers didn't actually die in The Empire Strikes Back, yet somehow -unlike his good buddy Admiral Piett-- didn't seem to stay with the Imperial forces for Return of The Jedi. Even though it can be argued that he died off camera during the Hoth battle (or even later for some other reason), or that he was busy elsewhere during the Endor battle, it is more likely that a Wampa kidnapped him and is living in a Robert Crumb styled fantasy in some cave somewhere...

    Major Variations: Though all vintage figures have minor variations, the AT AT Commander has on sculpting variation of interest. The figure was available with two slightly different chest sculpts. The easiest way to spot them is to look on the figure's back. On one version, which also has more defined folds in the tunic under the belt, sports two short rectangles under the three lines on the upper back, while the other version has two larger rectangles that, together, are the same width as the three lines above it. There is no indication of either version being any more rare than the other.

    *The Canadian Skin Wrapped figures were produced for Sears Canada and were included as exclusive bonus figures in multi-packs created for the holiday catalog. Since these figures had not yet been released on card backs, Kenner produced them vacuum-sealed on lower quality cards that had every element a regular Canadian The Empire Strikes Back cards had save an actual character image or the individual colours on the name plate and behind the figure itself. The card back was completely unprinted. Though in some cases renamed from the mass released versions, the skin wrapped figures were: Dengar, Ugnaught, Lobot (Lando's Aid), Han Solo (Cloud City Outfit), General Veers, Luke Skywalker (Hoth Outfit), and R2-D2 with Periscope.

    Text & Photography by D. Martin Myatt.

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