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If you are like me, you have been waiting years for an action figure of our favorite replicant hunter. Imagine the excitement to see one, though unauthorized, finally available. With the success of last year's Toys McCoy Indiana Jones, I was thrilled and happily slapped down my money for the next addition to my Harrison Ford action fig collection. But it wasn't cheap. Now priced at $170, this toy is significantly higher than most action figs of this scale, but also a bit more affordable than Indy was.

So what did this long-time 12" collector think? Is it worth the money?

Well, with camera in hand, I will share all the details of this long awaited toy and list the pros and cons so that you may consider whether you want to get this one. Here we go:

Let's start with the packaging: Kinda cool, very simple and compact. It's easy to get the doll in and out, I almost wish there were more 12" boxes like this. Though it doesn't hold a flame to the Toys McCoy box as far as graphics go. Note that it says it was made in Japan. The clothing and doll had stickers clearly stating it was made in China.
Okay, onto the doll itself and the all-important head: Though at some angles it looks slightly like Harrison, I don't buy the likeness. Perhaps I am spoiled after seeing the great sculpt done on Indy. Somehow it seems a little generic.
The costume: in short, wonderfully designed, poorly made. Though there was great attention to detail, my trenchcoat had a hole it! And one of the cuffs is already loose! All the pockets are functional, but I think it (the trenchcoat) should have been lined.
His jacket really follows the 40's style so prevelant in the movie, but again the manufacturing is kind of crummy. Some seams weren't finished, and the fabric used seemed pretty cheap. The pattern on the shirt and tie looked pretty good, but on mine, one of the shirt pockets was stitched lower than the other! I dunno if this was intentional, or a mistake.
Accessories: The pistol is really well done! Made of die-cast metal with a set of cool grips, it really has a nice weight to it. With the stain added, it is very sweet! The holster is black vinyl, not the machine-stitched leather seen in the advertisement. That was a bit of a letdown. The belt is good, with a working buckle. The shoes and socks are pretty standard.
The body: I was surprised to see they used a Dragon body. (Originally I thought it was a Dragon type body, but have since been advised it actually is a Dragon body.) This was great! With the same amount of movement, and the removable hands, I was a happy camper when I realized all the cool poses I could put him in!
So there you go. I say the prototype in the advertisement is sweet, and I wish the final product involved a little quality control to keep it looking closer to that. Am I being hard on it? Yes I am, and for almost $170 plus shipping, you should be too.

Update June, 2002: Hey, I finally got tired with the way he looked, and gave him a makeover, check it out here!

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