1997 Arizona Star Warz Con

Star Wars Buddies (Beanies)

Star Wars Buddies (C-3PO & R2-D2)
Star Wars Buddies (Salacious Crumb & Jabba)
Star Wars Buddies (Chewie & Ewok)
Star Wars Buddies (Jawa & Max Rebo)

New Action Figures

Ishi Tib
Lak Sivrak
New Leia
Biggs Darklighter
Captain Piett
New R2-D2 (with tools and such)
New C-3PO (removable limbs, silver leg and knit backpack)
Endor Rebel Soldier
Ewoks (Wicket & Logray)
Bespin Luke (removable hand)
Darth Vader (removable helmet & hand)
Ewok Celebration Leia

New Action Figure Cards

All cards (yes, even old figures) are going to be released with the new Freeze Frame Action Slide feature on them. Each different figure will ship with the same slide on the card. The cards feature a see through hole for the slide. There is also a slide binder you can get through the mail and a macro binocular viewer in the works.
New Figure Card with Slide (Endor Rebel Soldier)
New Figure Card with Slide (Luke Bespin)
New Figure Card with Slide (Lando General)
New Figure Card Slide Closeup
New Figure Card Back
New Card Binder Offer

Luke & Rancor (side view)
Luke & Rancor (above front view)
Rancor Luke Closeup

Luke & Wampa
Luke & Taun Taun

Purchase of the Droids Cinema Scene
Purchase of the Droids, Luke
Purchase of the Droids, C-3PO
Purchase of the Droids, Uncle Owen

Final Jedi Duel Cinema Scene (toward Emperor)
Final Jedi Duel Cinema Scene (toward Luke / Vader)

Epic Force C-3PO
Epic Force C-3PO Again
Back of Epic Force Package
Epic Force Boba Fett

Han Gunner Station
Luke Gunner Station

Expanded Universe Air Speeder
Expanded Universe Air Speeder Pilot
Expanded Universe Cloud Car
Expanded Universe Cloud Car Pilot
Expanded Universe SpeederBike

Prop Size F/X X-Wing Left
Prop Size F/X X-Wing Rear
Prop Size F/X X-Wing Figures (Not Removable)

Kenner Show Small Display Case
Kenner Show Big Display Case
Kenner Show Big Display Case Again

San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Coverage
With the new Blu-Ray boxed set and individual Steelbooks announcement, we've sent our ever-inquizitive Probe Droid out to find out whether you are interested in the new offerings.
I'm a fan of Steelbooks, so I'm getting all six
I'm in for all three original trilogy Steelbooks
I'll get all three prequel trilogy Steelbooks
I'm getting all six Steel Books and the boxed set
I'll pick up the boxed set
I have the last Blu-Ray release and have no intention on spending another penny on content I already own
Current Results