Sculpted 3D Movie Poster

(The Empire Strikes Back)

Code 3 Collectibles

Year: 2005
(Celebration III exclusive)

Legendary casts

Item No. : 17025

UPC No. : 2166417025

Retail: $20.00

Limited Edition: 0996 of 1,980

Comments: In the holiday season of 1979, the advance poster for The Empire Strikes Back hit theatres and announced to the world the coming of the second wave in the blockbuster Star Wars saga. The psoter did not give a lot away about the details, yet the powerful image of Darth Vader and the title set forth the tome for the entire movie, which released in May of 1980.

Note: This is a first in a new line of mini-posters that Code 3 hopes to expand into, where appropriate. it depends on the detail of the poster in question, whether or not it lends itself to this smaller format.

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