In 2002, Haden Blackman, Ramon Bachs, and Raul Fernandez reveal the origin of Jango Fett in Open Seasons, a bounty hunter that would serve as the genetic template for the Clone Troopers in the Army of the Republic. The framing sequences take place shortly after The Phantom Menace, as Count Dooku conducts a search for the prime clone, a search that is detailed in the LucasArts Star Wars: Bounty Hunter video game.

The story that begins on the planet Concord Dawn, as the young Jango gets involved in a battle on his family's farm. When the Death Watch leader Vizsla murders the rest of the Fett family, Jango is recruited by Jaster Mereel into the Mandalorians. Jaster is later betrayed and killed by Montross, forcing Jango to assume leadership of the Mandalorians. It all comes to a head when the Jedi Knights (led by Dooku and his padawan Komari Vosa) battle the Mandalorians, leaving Jango as the sole survivor and a prisoner for his crimes. Jango eventually escapes, reclaims his armor, and after exacting revenge on Vizsla, begins his career as a bounty hunter.

By the end of the story, Jango and Dooku meet face-to-face and discuss the offer to create a clone army. Jango agrees with one request: an unaltered clone that he can raise as his apprentice. The first issue is available online and also as part of a series of unlockable rewards in the Star Wars: Bounty Hunter video game.

Jango Fett also appeared in a pair of prestige format comics, featuring his adventures alongside fellow bounty hunter Zam Wesell. In Star Wars: Jango Fett by Ron Marz and Tom Fowler, the pair are hired to recover the same ancient alien artifact with mysterious connections to the Force. The story continues in Star Wars: Zam Wesell by Ron Marz and Ted Naifeh, as the employer plans to use the artifact to destroy Coruscant. The only thing in his way are Jedi Master Yarael Poof and a pair of unlikely heroes, and not all of them survive.

Open Seasons #1 Open Seasons #2 Open Seasons #3 Open Seasons #4
Collected Edition
Jango Fett – Open Seasons Trade Paperback Star Wars: Bounty Hunter Video Game (contains Jango Fett - Open Seasons)
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