Star Wars has inspired so many comic writers and artists over the years, here is a collection of the random stories that have been included in other Dark Horse publications over the years:

"This Crumb For Hire" in A Decade of Dark Horse #2 Ryder Windham and Allen Nunis, featuring the first meeting between Jabba the Hutt and Salacious Crumb.

"Luke Skywalker's Walkabout" in Dark Horse Presents Annual 1999: DHP Jr. by Phil Norwood and Shannon Denton, a story inspired by the radio play by Brian Daley. This story is about Luke's adventure as a child with his pal Windy as the pair run across a hungry Krayt Dragon. This story also features Luke's first meeting with Ben Kenobi.

"Aurra's Song" in Dark Horse Presents Annual 2000: Girls Rule! by Dean R. Motter and Isaac Buckminster Owens present the history of Aurra Sing, when she was sold into slavery the the Hutts and trained as an assassin by the Anzati.

Bruce Jones and Bret Blevins present Tales from Mos Eisley, an anthology title with various tales by the unusual denizens of Chalmun's Cantina.

Star Wars #0 was available from both American Entertainment and Another World, each with their own exclusive cover. The issue reprints "The Keeper's World" by created by Roy Thomas, Howard Chaykin and Tony DeZuniga from Marvel's Pizzazz magazine. The covers were painted by Brian Stelfreeze and Dave Dorman.

A self-contained story from Russ Manning was given away free in The Constancia Affair exclusively available at KB Toys, featuring a reprint of a classic newspaper strip.

A Valentine Story by Judd Winick and Paul Chadwick features a romantic tale of Han Solo and Princess Leia's relationship when they find themselves stranded on Hoth just prior to The Empire Strikes Back.

San Diego Comic Con Comics #4 was given away for free at the 1995 convention. This comic contained several black-and-white preview pages of various comics, including Heir to the Empire, which was featured on the cover.

Miscellaneous Comics
A Decade of Dark Horse #2 Dark Horse Presents Annual 1999: DHP Jr Dark Horse Presents Annual 2000 Tales from Mos Eisley #1 Star Wars #0 Star Wars Special Edition #0
Classic Star Wars A Valentine Story San Diego Comic-Con Comics #4 The Films and the Galaxy Beyond Dark Horse Twenty Years Star Wars Fanclub Special 2008
Star Wars Fanclub Special 2010 Thank The Maker (Gentle Giant Custom Mini-Comic)

Dark Horse books has published a series of volumes collecting artwork from the almost twenty years of Dark Horse comics. Panel to Panel presented a look at the characters from the films while the follow up volume presented looks at the characters of the Expanded Universe. Meanwhile, The Comics Companion presents a chronological look at the history of the Star Wars universe, from the perspective of the comics.

Collected Editions
Panel to Panel #1 Panel to Panel  Expanding the Universe #2 Comics Companion

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