(Electronic Talking)

The Phantom Menace

Year: 1999

12" Action Collection

Retail: $39.99

Assortment Number: 84075/84197

UPC Number: 0 76930 84197 6

Weapons and Accessories:

  • Lights
  • Sounds
  • Removable Parts
  • Welding Tool

  • Comments: Beginning life as Anakin Skywalker's home-built droid, C-3PO was an unfinished bundle of wires and metal before becoming the well known, polished protocol droid. Threepio's specialized etiquette programming and fluency in over six million forms of communication make him a highly advanced droid and brilliant creation for a young Tatooine slave boy.

    Points of Interest:
  • Photography by Paul Baker

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    San Diego Comic-Con 2014
    Now that you've seen the prototypes of Hot Toys' upcoming Movie Masterpiece Series MMS261 Han Solo and MMS262 Chewbacca 1/6 scale figures, our ever inquisitive Probe Droid is tasked to find out whether you are going to collect the line.
    Hot Toys had me at "Hello There"
    1/6 scale collecting has just lept forward. I'm in!
    I hope the actual products are better than the prototypes, and if they are I'm interested in collecting this line.
    This will be my first venture into the realm of 1/6 scale collecting...
    I'm a 1/6 scale collector, but I'm not interested.
    I'm not a 1/6 scale collector, so no, I won't get into this line (yet).
    I'm not a 1/6 scale collector, so no, I won't get into this line.
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