Source: (The Phantom Menace)

Year: 1999

Collection: 1

Retail: $6.99

Jedi Master Points: 10 Points

Assortment: Basic Figures

Assortment Number: 84085/84077

UPC Number: 7628184077

Packaging Variations:

  • .00 Large photo
  • .0100 Smaller photo
  • .0200 Innovision logo

  • Weapons and Accessories:
  • Gungan Battle Staff
  • Commtech Chip (No. 5): Gungan banished from Otoh Gunga

  • "Mesa called Ja Ja Binks."
  • "Gungans no liken outsiders."
  • "Woah, yousa guys bombad!"
  • Comments: A creature from the underwater depths of the planet Naboo, Jar Jar Binks must convince his fellow Gungans to take up arms against the greedy Trade Federation in a battle to preserve the planet.

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    Next September marks the twentieth anniversary of Hasbro's Kenner The Power Of The Force action figure collection. The line introduced a new generation of children to the wonderful world of Star Wars toys and ushered in the modern collectibles we all enjoy today. Our ever-inquisitive Probe Droid is actively searching all corners of the galaxy to find out if there is interest in products that commemorate this very significant 1995 release.
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    I got started in 1995, but I have no interest in such a concept.
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