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If there was just one rule, this would be it: If you can't play nice, you don't get to play. However, because not everybody understands what this means, we have more:

Who The Forum Is For: This is a forum for discussing Star Wars collecting and all other things about Star Wars. As such, members are expected to primarily contribute to these topics. If you or we find you are primarily posting in the off-topic areas of the board, you should not be surprised if we ask you to discontinue posting. Religious, war and political discussions are not allowed in the forum. If you are looking for a place for this type of discussion, we suggest you head over to

Profanity: We ask that you respect the fact that this is an all-ages board, and use no words stronger than what may be found in the movies themselves. The board comes equipped with a broad-based profanity filter. The traditional "dirty words" will be automatically filtered (their letters will appear as asterisks in your post) even when the context does not absolutely demand it. Likewise, no profane, suggestive or obscene images are allowed.

Even though we would rather members find a more articulate way to express themselves, members may use partially censored words. Like those found in many reputable magazines, replacing bad language with 'f---', 's---', et al will be allowed. The only way it is allowed though, is by typing the first letter of the word followed by the appropriate number of dashes, though counting is up to the member.

The use of other letters or symbols to circumvent the language filter ($, @, !...) is strongly prohibited and will be not be tolerated. First offenses can give the poster an automatic one-week suspension of their posting privileges. Subsequent offenses will be dealt with more severely, and can include permanent banning.

Flaming and Arguing: While it is the nature of conversation to bring about debate, we ask that you do not use the outbreak of a difference of opinion as an excuse to slander or demean another member, otherwise known as flaming. Not only do such posts offend the rest of the community, but they also tend to derail what might have been a good topic. A good rule of thumb is, simply, donít post angry. Likewise, it is imperative that you restrain yourself from the casual use of language that can be inferred as racist or bigoted toward someoneís sexual orientation, nationality, religion, etc.

Heated flaming and arguing will invariably result in the closing of a thread, and especially "fiery" flames are subject to editing by a moderator. Members who persist in flaming are subject to having their account suspended by an administrator.

Trolling: Posting with the specific purpose of angering other members--trolling--will not be tolerated.

Such posts are subject to editing or deletion by a moderator. Members who persist in trolling are subject to having their account suspended by an administrator.

Post Padding and Useless Threads: Threads that appear to serve as a platform for padding post counts will be deleted once discovered by a moderator. Note, they will be deleted, not simply closed. These kinds of threads would include "word association" threads.

Spamming: Refrain from posting the same thread over and over (even under slightly different names, or in different forums), from posting the same reply again and again, or even posting multiple times in a row on a thread.

Such threads will be deleted, such posts may cause an otherwise wholesome thread to be closed, and such members are subject to having their account suspended by an administrator.

Auctions and Advertisements: *See exception for Official Star Wars artists below. You may not use the forum to promote auctions or on-line sellers. The primary purpose of these boards is to engage in conversation, not as an advertising or promotional tool. For individual use, we have classified and trading sections, and as long as you follow each sectionís guidelines you will find you may still use this site for buying/selling/trading. Advertisements for your own current auctions or other forms of spamming are strictly forbidden.

No advertising or promotion, other than as allowed in the classified and trading forums is allowed.

* Official Star Wars and LFL Approved Star Wars artists have permission to post eBay auction links to their auctions as a special consideration.

The practice of "outing" auctions is not allowed. To be clear, if the auction is live, you may not mention it in any way that makes its presence known unless the sole purpose is to expose scams, fakes or fraudulent auctions. Members who persist in posting auctions and/or ads are subject to having their account suspended by an administrator.

Promoting Other Websites: It's impolite to use the Rebelscum forum resources to promote other Star Wars collecting websites. We realize sometimes another site may have important news you wish to link to, which is acceptable. But using forum posts, or links in your signature designed to promote another Star Wars collecting website is not permitted.

Personal Information*: Your privacy will be respected, and you must respect the privacy of your fellow members. Posting the personal information of another member will not be tolerated. On the flip side, impersonation or misrepresenting yourself will also not be tolerated. *Real first and last names are not considered to be private in this forum.

No user may post the contents of an email or private message received without first obtaining the permission of the sender.

Misused private information will be edited or deleted by a moderator. Any member engaged in posting the private information of another member, or is discovered to be misrepresenting themselves is subject to having their account suspended by an administrator.

Illegal sales or other activity: We can not allow you to use our forums to distribute illegal goods. These include stolen or fake merchandise, or distributing copyrighted material in violation of U.S. copyright laws. If it goes against U.S. law, we can not allow it.

Such posts will be deleted by a moderator. Such members are subject to having their account suspended by an administrator, as well as having the proper legal authorities contacted.

Images: When posting images, please follow some simple guidelines. When discussing images you do not host/own yourself, it is our policy that you post a link to the site rather than the image itself. If you do post images, please consider the size of the files to ensure the thread will still load smoothly for everyone. Large image files are subject to editing by a moderator.

Keep in mind that images inappropriate for younger Star Wars fans, are not allowed.

Display Names: Please keep your display name profanity-free. Note that URLs are not allowed in the display name area. Your display name must not be longer than 20 characters and must not be ALL CAPS. Your display name must not selected that in any way could be considered advertising unless you are a current advertiser on

Signatures: Any rule that applies to a post itself also applies to the body of your signature. The general rule of thumb we believe in as far as signatures go is "the shorter the better."

The limit for signature size is four lines. Do not use blank lines as they only serve to lengthen the page length unnecessarily. Since we recognize there are many different combinations of browsers, resolution and font size settings, all of which can affect signature lines wrapping, the standard we will use to measure this is IE at 800 x 600 resolution with text set at medium and the window expanded full screen. If your signature has more than four lines, it will likely be edited at the discretion of a moderator.

Signatures should not contain imagery of any sort and the inclusion of an image in a message that serves the same purpose as a signature is not allowed.

Without specific permission by Philip Wise, signatures may not contain any reference or link that in any way uses it as a way to advertise a place to sell goods of any kind unless you are a current advertiser on Without specific permission by Philip Wise, signatures may not be used to promote other Star Wars collecting websites. Doing so is an impolite use of the Rebelscum forum resources.

Signatures may not make fun of other forum members. Examples of this would include quoting a member, including something somebody said about a member, or linking to a forum thread or post that may not have been a member's most proud moment.

Spoilers: Spoilers are to be well-labeled as such, including notification of possible spoilers in a threadís title. In general, there are specific forums in which spoilers are allowed, and others where they are unacceptable. It is also suggested that a "spoiler-barrier" be created of several lines before and after the spoiling text.

For example--






Artoo-Detoo kills Ki-Adi Mundi in Episode 3!




Any spoilers are subject to editing by a moderator (depending on relevance to the topic at hand) from insertion of a spoiler-barrier and warnings in the threadĎs name, up to deletion of the post or thread in question. Continual posting of spoilers in labeled non-spoiler forums may result in the memberís account being suspended by an administrator.

"Stay On Target!" Each thread on the boards is begun for the express purpose of discussing its own subject matter. Ideally, each will be named according to its subject matter. Please try to reply to the topic at-hand if you find yourself going off on a tangent, feel free to start another (appropriately-named) thread.

If a thread goes too far off course, it may be closed by a moderator.

Moderator Actions: A moderator will only act in accordance with the policies stated above. However, keep in mind that the moderators are members also, and have the same right to express their opinions as every other member.

In addition, when editing a post, a moderator will explain what modifications have taken place, either in the text of the edited post itself, in a subsequent post by the moderator, or in a private message or e-mail to the postís originator.

When deleting a post or thread, a moderator will explain why the post was deleted to the postís originator in a private message or e-mail.

When moving a thread from one forum to another, a moderator will explain where the thread is going before closing it in its original location.

Common Courtesy: A few various points that, if given heed, will be appreciated by fellow members:

Donít quote extensively--you probably should not have more words in the text you quote than what you yourself write.

Mind your spelling, grammar, and punctuation--it is hard for someone to respect your opinion when you refuse to present it in a fully-formed manner.

Turn off the CAPS LOCK--to many it resembles shouting, and can make your otherwise inoffensive post seem like an angry tirade. The real reason to avoid all caps is that capital letters can appear harsh and blocky in the font used on the forums, and do not "read" as smoothly as the regular use of lower-case letters.

Try to use a Star Wars Avatar--the theme we are obviously going for on the forums is Star Wars action-figure based avatars. That said, diversity is a good thing, and your uniqueness will never be discouraged in and of itself.

Suspension and Banning: If a member has his posting rights suspended for a period of time, generally for a rule infraction, he will be notified of it and will be told when he may write again asking to be reinstated. If a member is banned from the forum, he will no longer be permitted to participate in the forum again. It is important to note that both suspensions and bans are for the member, not the account, which is further explained below.

Posting "With Socks On": This is the practice of registering one or multiple times in an attempt to hide one's identity relative to their primary account, or to circumvent a posting-rights suspension or banning of a primary account. Posting "with socks on" is prohibited and can get your posting rights permanently banned. Relative to a suspension or banning, there is never a justification for posting "with socks on", regardless of how unfair the member may feel this to be.

The Final Word: To answer an often asked question about these rules, no, not everything a member could do that would be inappropriate for the forum is listed above. Sometimes, members find new and innovative ways to cause problems. As such, any member who causes problems not specifically listed above will be dealt with in a manner consistent with actions for similar issues in the past.

In any dispute about these rules and their application in the forums, the final say rests in the hands of the Administrators in general, and Philip Wise (Rebelscumís Webmaster) in specific. If you can't play nice, you don't get to play.