(The Empire Strikes Back)

Year: 2006

Assortment: Statues

Retail: $165.00

Item Number: 6209

Limited Edition No.:
145 of 4000

Weapons and Accessories:

  • Base
  • Luke Alternate Head 1
  • Luke Alternate Head 2
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Comments: Tauntauns have a thick layer of insulating fat and fur that help them adapt to the sub-zero temperature of the ice planet Hoth.

    Difficulties in adapting their repulsorlift speeders to the frozen planet's conditions resulted in the Rebel Alliance domesticating the tauntaun. This proved to be an excellent source of alternate transportation for the Rebels during patrols.

    While on scouting duty outside Echo Base, Luke Skywalker's mission was abruptly halted due to a savage attack by the wampa ice creature.

    GGStauntaun50.jpg GGStauntaun52.jpg GGStauntaun53.jpg GGStauntaun54.jpg
    GGStauntaun55.jpg GGStauntaun56.jpg GGStauntaun57.jpg GGStauntaun59.jpg
    GGStauntaun60.jpg GGStauntaun62.jpg GGStauntaun63.jpg GGStauntaun64.jpg
    GGStauntaun65.jpg GGStauntaun66.jpg GGStauntaun67.jpg GGStauntaun68.jpg
    GGStauntaun69.jpg GGStauntaun70.jpg GGStauntaun71.jpg GGStauntaun72.jpg
    GGStauntaun73.jpg GGStauntaun75.jpg GGStauntaun76.jpg GGStauntaun77.jpg
    GGStauntaun78.jpg GGStauntaun79.jpg GGStauntaun80.jpg GGStauntaun81.jpg
    GGStauntaun82.jpg GGStauntaun83.jpg GGStauntaun84.jpg GGStauntaun85.jpg
    GGStauntaun86.jpg GGStauntaun87.jpg GGStauntaun88.jpg GGStauntaun89.jpg
    GGStauntaun90.jpg GGStauntaun91.jpg GGStauntaun92.jpg GGStauntaun93.jpg
    GGStauntaun94.jpg GGStauntaun95.jpg GGStauntaun96.jpg GGStauntaun97.jpg
    GGStauntaun98.jpg comp.jpg    
    Points of Interest:
  • This highly-detailed statue, based on the original Lucasfilm stop-motion model, was sculpted and painted by Gentle Giant Studios.
  • Photography by Dave Myatt

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