(Star Wars Animated)

A New Hope

Year: 2007

Assortment: Star Wars Animated

Retail: $80.00

Item Number: 9075

UPC Number: 6 71810 00156 9

Limited Edition: 3047 of 4000

Comments: Stormtroopers are military soldiers loyal to the Emperor. They represent the most visible extension of Imperial might. Stormtroopers can strike with speed and accuracy, putting down insurrections and maintaining order on the outer worlds of the Empire.

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_MG_5642.JPG _MG_5643.JPG _MG_5645.JPG _MG_5644.JPG
_MG_5646.JPG _MG_5647.JPG _MG_5648.JPG _MG_5650.JPG
_MG_5651.JPG _MG_5653.JPG    

Points of Interest:

  • Stands 8" tall
  • Photography by D Martin Myatt

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