Fiction books represent the stories within the Star Wars universe, also called the Expanded Universe. The adaptations of the films, the spin off novels for adults and kids all fit within this category. If it deals with the characters from the Star Wars Saga, you'll find it here.

Young Reader

Young Reader books are geared to younger readers between the ages of 9-12. The tend to focus on younger characters or present the material in a more simplistic way. These stories have existed since the beginnings of the franchise, but have expanded their appeal (and the continuity) through the Prequel era.

Rebel Force

This series of young reader novels, follows the heroes of the Rebellion shortly after the destruction of the first Death Star. Join Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and the rest as they try to evade capture by the Empire.

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Star Wars: Rebel Force 1: Target Star Wars: Rebel Force 2: Hostage Star Wars: Rebel Force 3: Renegade Star Wars: Rebel Force 4: Firefight Star Wars: Rebel Force 5: Trapped Star Wars: Rebel Force 6: Uprising

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