The non-fiction category deals with the other half of the published Star Wars books. Encompassing such things as the 'Art of' books, reference guides, or other behind-the-scene titles, this is the place to be to find out more about the creation and consumption of all things Star Wars.


Books that deal with the Star Wars mythos, culture, and phenomena, but are not necessarily endorsed by Lucasfilm.

HARDCOVER - United States
Graff Wars: Graffiti inspired by the Star Wars Universe Stencil Wars: The Big Book on Star Wars Inspired Street Art Stars and Wars: The Film Memoirs and Photographs of Alan Tomkins
HARDCOVER - United Kingdom
J.J. Abrams: A Study in Genius – The Unofficial Biography
PAPERBACK - United States
The Secret History of Star Wars
SOFTCOVER - United States
Devising A Dream: A Book of Star Wars Facts And Production Timeline Star Wars Psychology