The non-fiction category deals with the other half of the published Star Wars books. Encompassing such things as the 'Art of' books, reference guides, or other behind-the-scene titles, this is the place to be to find out more about the creation and consumption of all things Star Wars.


The titles in this section apply to books made for the preschooler and grade schooler. They are usually activity or educational in nature but keep the Star Wars elements to encourage the child to learn on their own.

Star Wars: Lightspeed Learning Reading Star Wars: Lightspeed Learning Spelling Star Wars Spaceships Star Wars Heroes Star Wars: ABC (Solicitation Version) Star Wars: ABC Star Wars: 1, 2, 3 Star Wars and History
The Star Wars Question and Answer Book about Space The Star Wars Question and Answer Book about Computers Return of the Jedi: Multiplication Return of the Jedi: Addition and Subtraction Return of the Jedi: Reading and Writing Star Wars: Learning Fun Book – Simple Adding & Subtracting: Grade 1 Star Wars: Learning Fun Book – Learning Word Sounds: Kindergarten Star Wars: Learning Fun Book – Writing Letters A to Z: Preschool-Kindergarten Star Wars: Learning Fun Book – Writing Number 1 to 100: Preschool-Kindergarten Star Wars: Phonics Boxed Set

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