Star Wars: Enemy Lines – Rebel Stand
June 2002

Publisher: Del Rey
Author: Aaron Allston
Cover Artist: Dave Seeley

Cover Price: $6.99
Media: Paperback
ISBN: 0-345-42868-4 - 1st

New Jedi Order book #12.

From Aaron Allston's website...

Some text apparently got dropped from Rebel Stand; I only discovered this when people began e-mailing me this question. If you look at the top of page 273, you'll see text reading:

Yes. So all I can do is wish you luck."

Face left.

This section actually should have read:

Yes. So all I can do is wish you luck. And ask you to answer a question thats been plaguing me for years.

Whats that?

Can you use the Force to scratch your back? You know, right in the middle, where you cant reach?

Luke smiled. Not exactly. But you can use self-control techniques to quell the itch, or can move an object, like a credcoin, over and scratch it physically. But if youve been wondering this for years, why didnt you ask me when you met me all those years ago?

Face shrugged. I lied about that. We never met before Borleias.

You mynock. Get out of here.

Grinning, Face left.

Not since Emperor Palpatine have the Jedi battled such monstrous evil. Unless they succeed against staggering odds, the galaxy is doomed.

Luke Skywalker's daring mission to halt the Yuuzhan Vong's nefarious plot to overthrow the New Republic is struggling on all fronts. And time is slipping away for Han and Leia Organa Solo, trapped on a small planet whose rulers are about to yield to Yuuzhan Vong pressure to give up the Jedi rebels.

On Coruscant, Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker have made a shocking discovery that is preventing the Yuuzhan Vong from exerting complete control. But when the enemy tracks them down, Luke and Mara are thrust into a fierce battle for their lives. Suddenly, the chances of escaping appear nearly impossible. And in space, another battle rages, one that holds ominous consequences for the New Republic—and for the Jedi themselves...

Subsequent Printings
Star Wars: Enemy Lines (2 in 1) (hardcover)
July, 2002; ISBN: 0-7394-2777-6 - 1st

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