Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Characters
November 1995

Publisher: Del Rey
Author: Andy Mangels
Cover Artist:

Cover Price: $18.00
Media: Softcover
ISBN: 0-345-39535-2 - 1st

Features photos from the films and art by Michael Butkus.

The following is a list of entries for this edition. Asterisks (*) indicate an entry that is in later editions. Reference notes follow for the main appearance of the character.

*Admiral Ackbar [ROTJ]
*Wedge Antilles [ANH]
Bodo Baas [comic-DE]
Ponda Baba/Dr Evazan [ANH]
Barada [ROTJ]
Bollux/Blue Max [book-HSSE]
*Bossk [ESB]
*C-3PO/R2-D2 [ANH]
*Callista [book-COJ]
*Lando Calrissian [ESB]
*Gaeriel Captison [book-TAB]
*Joruus C'Baoth [book-HTTE]
*Chewbacca [ANH]
Queen Mother Ta'a Chume [book-CPL]
Salacious Crumb [ROTJ]
*Admiral Daala [book-JS]
Figrin D'an (and his band) [ANH]
Biggs Darklighter [ANH]
*Dengar [ESB]
Teneniel Djo [book-CPL]
*General Jan Dodonna [ANH]
Moruth Doole [book-JS]
Dorsk 81 [book-DA]
*Kyp Durron [book-JS]
Emperor's Royal Guards [ROTJ]
Davin Felth [ANH,book-TME]
*Boba Fett [ESB]
*Borsk Fey'lya [book-HTTE]
*Bib Fortuna [ROTJ]
*4-LOM [ESB]
*Gallandro [book-HSR]
Yarna d'al' Gargan [ROTJ]
Garindan [ANH]
Gartogg [ROTJ,book-TJP]
Gethzerion [book-CPL]
*Greedo [ANH]
Hethrir [book-CS]
Garm Bel Iblis [book-DFR]
*IG-88 [ESB]
Roganda and Irek Ismaren [book-COJ]
*Prince Isolder [book-CPL]
*Jabba the Hutt (Jabba Desilijic Tiure) [ROTJ]
*Mara Jade [book-HTTE]
Dannik Jerriko [ANH]
*Tenel Ka [book-YJK]
Kabe/Muftak [ANH]
*Talon Karrde [book-HTTE]
Ken [book-JP]
*Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi [ANH]
Khabarakh [book-HTTE]
Princess Kneesaa [EWOKS]
*Exar Kun [comic-TOTJ]
Labria [ANH]
*Owen and Beru Lars [ANH]
*Lobot [ESB]
Lowbacca [book-YJK]
*General Crix Madine [ROTJ]
Nichos Marr [book-COJ]
Ephant Mon [ROTJ]
*Mon Mothma [ROTJ]
Momaw Nadon [ANH]
Shug Ninx [comic-DE]
Het Nkik [ANH,book-TME]
*Nien Nunb [ROTJ]
Oola [ROTJ]
*Emperor Palpatine [ROTJ]
*Captain Gilad Pellaeon [book-HTTE]
*Ulic Qel-Droma [comic-TOTJ]
The Max Rebo Band (Max Rebo, Droopy McCool, Sy Snootles) [ROTJ]
Ree-Yees [ROTJ]
Rillao [book-CS]
Elder Sh'tk'ith (Bluescale) [book-TAB]
Dev Sibwarra [book-TAB]
Lak Sivrak [ANH]
*Luke Skywalker [ANH]
*Anakin Solo [comic-DE]
*Han Solo [ANH]
*Jacen and Jaina Solo [book-HTTE,YJK]
*Leia Organa Solo [ANH]
Mako Spince [comic-DE]
Nomi Sunrider [comic-TOTJ]
*Grand Moff Tarkin [ANH]
Tessek [ROTJ]
Pter Thanas [book-TAB]
*Grand Admiral Thrawn [book-HTTE]
Tigris [book-CS]
Tionne [book-DA]
Brea and Senni Tonnika [ANH]
Cindel Towani [EWOK ADV]
Triclops [book-JP]
Tusken Raiders [ANH]
*Darth Vader [ANH]
Lady Valarian [book-TJP]
*Vima-Da-Boda [comic-DE]
Weequay [ROTJ]
Wicket W. Warrick [ROTJ]
*Winter [book-HTTE]
Qui Xux [book-JS]
*Yoda [ESB]
Salla Zend [comic-DE]
*Zuckuss [ESB]

Keep your eye on the Empire! Research the Rebels!

*Features detailed profiles of all the most important characters in the Star Wars universe
*Covers the movies, the book—classic and new—the comics, the TV specials, the games, and the rest of the expanding universe of Star Wars
*Describes the history and personality of each character, with vital statistics, weapons of choice, and vehicles used
*Includes photographs and original line drawings—with multiple illustrations of most characters for better visual reference
*Brings you up-to-date on recent characters and events if you've been away from the Star Wars universe for a while.

The universe of Star Wars is expanding faster than ever before...

With the Essential Guide To Characters in Hand, you'll never lose your way.

Subsequent Printings
Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Characters (Condensed Edition) (softcover)
December, 1996; ISBN: 0-345-41410-0 - 1st
Star Wars: The New Essential Guide to Characters (softcover)
April, 2002; ISBN: 0-345-44900-2 - 1st