Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Droids
March 1999

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Publisher: Del Rey
Author: Daniel Wallace
Cover Artist: Bill Hughes

Cover Price: $18.95
Media: Softcover
ISBN: 0-345-42067-5 - 1st

Features art by Bill Hughes and schematics by Troy Vigil.

The following is a list of entries for this edition. Asterisks (*) indicate an entry that exists in later editions. Reference notes follow for the main appearance of the droid.

P2 and *R1 [game-WEG,ANH]
*R2 [ANH]
*R3 and R4 [game-WEG]
*R5 [ANH]
*R6 and R7 [game-WEG]

*3PO Protocol Droid [ANH]
M-3PO Military Protocol Droid [book-Xwing]
Em Teedee [book-YJK]
3D-4X Administrative [book-TBH]
PD Lurrian Protocol Droid [game-WEG]
*LOM Protocol Droid [ESB]

*2-1B Surgical Droid [ESB]
MD Medical Specialist [mag-Gamer]
*FX Meical Assistant [ESB]

Household Service
TDL Nanny Droid [book-COTF]
Model E [comic-Droids]
Guardian Droid [game-WEG]
ZZ-4Z ("ZeeZee") [comic-DE]
U2C1 Housekeeping Droid [book-TJP]
SE4 Servant Droid [game-WEG]
R-10 Household Droid [book-COJ]
*TT-8L ("Tattletale") [ROTJ]

Commercial Service
Automated Sabacc Dealer [book-HTTE]
Robo-bartender [book-HSR]
C2-R4 Multipurpose Unit [book-TME]

Systems Control Droid [book-DA]
12-4C-41 Traffic Controller [book-TJP]
5T Tree Feeder [book-COJ]
Inferno firefighting Robo
Robo-hack [book-HSE]

SCM-22 Stenographer [book-SOL]
*CZ Secretary Droid [ANH]
TT-4O Library Droid [book-SOL]
Memory Droid [book-SOL]

Heavy Industrial
EVS Construction Droid [book-Xwing]
GRZ-6B Wrecker Droid [comic-Droids]
FLR Logger ("Lumberdroid") [game-WEG]
*LIN Demolitionmech [ANH]
*8D8 Smelting Operator [ROTJ]
11-17 Miner Droid [game-WEG]

CD-2 Harvester [game-WEG]
Decon III Droid [game-WEG]

Messenger Droid and Message Drone [book-TAB]
Drone Barge [comic-Goodwin,book-HSE]

*CLL-8 Binary Load Lifter [ANH]
X10-D Draft Droid [book-TBH]
*J9 Worker Drone [ROTJ]

Imperial City Maintenance Droid [book-JAT]
MN-2E General Maintenance Droid [game-WEG,book-TLC]
*EG-6 Power Droid [ANH]
850.AA Public Service Headquarters [game-WEG]

*WED Treadwell [ANH]
LE Repair Droid [book-SOTE]

Starship Based
Gyrowheel 1.42.08 Recycling Droid [book-COJ]
M38 Explorer [game-WEG]
Scout Collector and Surveyor Package [game-WEG]
MULE Droid [game-WEG]
Scavenger Droid [book-BTS]
*MSE-6 Droid ("Mouse Droid") [ANH]
*RA-7 Death Star Droid [ANH]

*Basilisk War Droid [comic-TOTJ]
*Xim's War-Robot [book-HSLL]
Krath War Droid [comic-TOTJ]
*Dark Trooper [game-DF]
SD-9 and SD-10 [comic-DE2]
Shadow Droid [comic-DE2]
X-1 Viper ("Automadon") [comic-DE2]
*Arakyd Probot Series [ESB]
Fromm Tower Droid [DROIDS]
Robot Ramship [book-AC]

*IG Assassin Droid [ESB]
E522 Assassin Droid [book-TME]
Scarab Droid [comic-DE2]
DZ-70 Fugitive Tracker Droid [book-COJ]

RHTC-560 Hunter Trainer [game-WEG]
Duelist Elite [book-SOTE]
Mark X Executioner [book-HSSE]

Red Terror [book-TNR]
G-2RD Guard [book-DFR]
S-EP1 Security [book-SOL]
Foreign Intruder Defense System (FIDO) [book-COTF]
501-Z Police Droid (Zed) [comic-Droids]
Hound-W2 SPD [book-HTTE]
Ssi-ruuvi Security Droid [book-TAB]
*Imperial Mark IV Sentry Droid [ANH-SE]

*IT-O Interrogator [ANH]
*EV Supervisor Droid [ROTJ]

Moon Moth [book-DS]
Fly Eye [book-COPL]
Espionage Droid [game-WEG]
Slicer Droid [book-COTF]
Positronic Processor (aka Blue Max) [book-HSSE]

Specialized Use
*Human Replica Droid and Synthdroid [book-SOTE]
*B'omarr Brain Walker [ROTJ]

One of A Kind
*Vuffi Raa [book-LCA]
Q9-X2 [book-AC]
8t88 [game-DF2JK]
Gorm the Dissolver [comic-DE,book-TME]
Widget [comic-River of Chaos]

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier...Droid!

They can be anything from nursemaids to surgeons, diplomats to assassins. They walk, roll, and fly—and communicate in languages ranging from whistles and beeps to Standard Basic to the most obscure alien dialect. MixRMastRs make drinks in spaceport cantinas, Basilisks make war wherever they're deployed, and IT-O Interrogators make life nightmarish for prisoners of the Empire.

Droids are an integral and indispensable part of the Star Wars universe. And this comprehensive guide surveys all the myriad models and classes—from the lowliest drones to the most sophisticated humanoid automatons.

- Discover the evolution of the R-series droids, whose members include lumbering technicians and skilled X-wing navigators such as R2-D2

- Learn the curious history of the MSE-6 "mouse" droids employed exclusively in the bases and on Imperial starships of the Empire

- Explore the workings of the malevolent Shadow Droids: machines with living, organic brains

- Uncover how the Rebel's fearsome FIDO (Foreign Intruder Defense Organism) carries out its duties

Whatever its design and wherever it may be found in the ever-expanding Star Wars universe, if the subject is droid, its definitive data on development, history, and technology is included in this essential technical guide.

Subsequent Printings
Star Wars: The New Essential Guide to Droids (softcover)
June, 2006; ISBN: 0-345-47759-6 - 1st

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