Star Wars: Medstar (2 in 1)
October 2004

Publisher: Del Rey
Author: Michael Reaves & Steve Perry
Cover Artist: Dave Seeley

Cover Price: $12.99
Media: Hardcover
ISBN: 0-7394-4697-5 - 1st

Science Fiction Book Club Edition. According to the defunct, the SFBC Item Number is 455219.

Original Printing
Star Wars: Medstar I – Battle Surgeons (paperback)
July, 2004; ISBN: 0-345-46310-2 - 1st
Star Wars: Medstar II – Jedi Healer (paperback)
October, 2004; ISBN: 0-345-46311-0 - 1st

2014 STAR WARS Gift Guide
Next September marks the twentieth anniversary of Hasbro's Kenner The Power Of The Force action figure collection. The line introduced a new generation of children to the wonderful world of Star Wars toys and ushered in the modern collectibles we all enjoy today. Our ever-inquisitive Probe Droid is actively searching all corners of the galaxy to find out if there is interest in products that commemorate this very significant 1995 release.
I'd be into a Hasbro The Lost Line style assortment
I'd love to see Gentle Giant make a Jumbo Kenner 1995 Luke Skywalker
I'm behind both of these ideas!
I got started in 1995, but I have no interest in such a concept.
It isn't for me.
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