Star Wars: Dark Tide (2 in 1)
July 2000

Publisher: Del Rey
Author: Michael A. Stackpole
Cover Artist: John Harris

Cover Price: $12.98
Media: Hardcover
ISBN: 0-7394-1111-X - First

Science Fiction Book Club Edition. According to the defunct, the SFBC Item Number is 115279.

Includes the Dark tide duology: Onslaught and Ruin.

Original Printing
Star Wars: Dark Tide - Onslaught (paperback)
February, 2000; ISBN: 0-345-42854-4 - First
Star Wars: Dark Tide - Ruin (paperback)
June, 2000; ISBN: 0-345-42856-0 - First

Other Printings
Star Wars: Dark Tide - Onslaught (paperback)
September, 2004; ISBN: 0-345-47931-9 - First