Star Wars: The Complete Visual Dictionary
September 2006

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Publisher: DK
Author: David West Reynolds, James Luceno and Ryder Windham
Cover Artist:

Cover Price: $40.00
Media: Hardcover
ISBN: 0-7566-2238-7 - 1st

Changes to the original text/pages when combined into this edition include:

Title page - Mustafarian (ROTS)

New foreword by Rob Coleman
Contents page (Boba Fett from OT; Aurra Sing from TPM; Zam Wesell from AOTC; Neimoidian Warrior from ROTS - all from cover pages in original sources)

Introduction with ROTJ Hangar Bay image

The Phantom Menace
p14 - added "Wise Negotiator" under "Mace Windu"
p15 - added "Ancient Master" under "Yoda"
p34 - altered text from "Padmé Naberrie" to "Padmé-Disguised Queen"
p52 - added "Tatooine Slave" under "Anakin Skywalker"
p55 - added "Anakin's Creation" under "C-3PO"

Attack of the Clones
p80 - added "Jedi Mentor" under "Obi-Wan Kenobi"
p82 - added "Jedi Apprentice" under "Anakin Skywalker"
p93 - added "Jedi Instructor" after "Yoda"
p98 - altered text from "Padmé Naberrie" to "Padmé-Naboo Senator"

Revenge of the Sith
p134 - added "Jedi Knight" under "Anakin Skywalker"
p136 - altered text from "Obi-Wan Kenobi" to "General Kenobi"
p139 - altered text from "Count Dooku" to "Dooku-Sith Apprentice"
p144 - added "Versatile Operator" under "R2-D2"; edited R2 paragraph to remove last half of last sentence after "despite the odds"
p156 - altered text from "Padmé Amidala" to "Padmé-Tragic Heroine"
p158 - added "Falling Democracy" under "The Senate"
p160 - added "Jedi Warrior" under "Yoda"
p162 - added "Stoic Jedi" after "Mace Windu"
p167 - altered "Commander Bly" to "Lieutenant Galle" under the clone picture
p173 - altered photo in the Data File inset box from a close-up of a Utapaun Warrior to a full-body shot
p174/175 - new pages on "Battle of Utapau"
p182/183 - new pages on "Order 66"
p184/185 - new pages on "Clone Battle Tanks"
p192/193 - new pages on "Mustafar"

Classic Trilogy
p210 - added "Wookiee Co-Pilot" after "Chewbacca"
p218 - altered Obi-Wan Kenobi's subtitle from "Jedi Knight" to "Jedi in Exile"; altered the production photo of Alec Guiness talking to Mark Hamill on Dagobah (from ROTJ), to a still of the Ghost Ben talking to Luke from the actual film
p219 - altered Yoda's subtitle from "Jedi Master" to "Skywalker's Teacher"; altered the picture of the Jedi Ghosts from the end of ROTJ to have the younger Anakin ghost; text in the picture below makes note that it is Yoda, Obi-Wan, "as well as a youthful apparition of his father Anakin"
p222/223 - new pages on "Rebel Warriors"
p227 - altered the photo of Luke and Vader with his mask off to now include the DVD version of the scene, minus Anakin's eyebrows
p230/231 - new pages on "Imperial Personnel"
p232 - added a partial intro sentence indicating that Stormtroopers are made up of "clones, as well as human recruits"
p248/249 - new pages on "The Sarlacc"
p250 - altered text in both the main entry and Slave I to indicate Boba's lineage from Jango Fett
p260/261 - new pages on "Cantina Patrons"
p263 - altered the photo and text in the lower right corner, replacing the Sarlacc (which has its own spread) with a picture of Luke in the Rancor pit and a minor note about rancor's domesticity on Dathomir
p266/267 - new pages on "R2-D2 Exposed"

The book also includes a two page glossary and a two-page Index (both with images from the End Pages of the various original books)

Original Printing
Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary (hardcover)
October, 1998; ISBN: 0-7894-3481-4 - 1st
Star Wars: Episode I – The Visual Dictionary (hardcover)
May, 1999; ISBN: 0-7894-4701-0 - 1st
Star Wars: Attack of the Clones – The Visual Dictionary (hardcover)
April, 2002; ISBN: 0-7894-8588-5 - 1st
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Visual Dictionary (hardcover)
April, 2005; ISBN: 0-7566-1128-8 - 1st