Star Wars Adventure Journal #9
February 1996

Publisher: West End Games
Cover Artist: Ralph McQuarrie

Cover Price: $15.00
Media: Paperback
ISBN: 0-87431-408-9 - 1st


Short Stories
"Slaying Dragons" by Angela Philips
"Combat Moon" by John Whitman
"Easy Credits" by Paul Danner
"Lumrunners" by John Beyer & Wayne Humfleet

"Fizzi's Slightly Used Starships" by John J. Richardson III
"Droids Defiant" by Thomas Bowling
"Death-Hunter" by Tony Russo
"Repulsortank Battlefield" by Timothy O'Brien
"Stand at Bhir'khi Pass" by Timothy O'Brien
"Galaxywide NewsNets" by Paul Sudlow
"ISB Intercepts" by Bill Smith

Subsequent Printings
Star Wars: Tales from The Empire (paperback)
December, 1997; ISBN: 0-553-57876-6 -

San Diego Comic-Con 2014
Now that you've seen the prototypes of Hot Toys' upcoming Movie Masterpiece Series MMS261 Han Solo and MMS262 Chewbacca 1/6 scale figures, our ever inquisitive Probe Droid is tasked to find out whether you are going to collect the line.
Hot Toys had me at "Hello There"
1/6 scale collecting has just lept forward. I'm in!
I hope the actual products are better than the prototypes, and if they are I'm interested in collecting this line.
This will be my first venture into the realm of 1/6 scale collecting...
I'm a 1/6 scale collector, but I'm not interested.
I'm not a 1/6 scale collector, so no, I won't get into this line (yet).
I'm not a 1/6 scale collector, so no, I won't get into this line.
Current Results