Star Wars Adventure Journal #15
November 1997

Publisher: West End Games
Cover Artist:

Cover Price: $15.00
Media: Paperback
ISBN: 0-87431-414-3 - 1st


Short Stories
"Firestorm" by Kevin J. Anderson
"Laughter after Dark" by Patricia A. Jackson
"The Great Herdship Heist" by Dan Wallace
"Two for One" by Paul Danner
"The Draw" by Angela Philips

"Alien Encounters: The Shard" by Stephen Kenson
"Special Military Unit Intelligence Update" by Timothy O'Brien
"ISB Intercepts" by Eric S. Trautmann
"Tasariq: The Crystal Planet" by Tom Moldvay & Steve Miller

Subsequent Printings
Special Military Unit Intelligence Update ()
May, 2009; ISBN: - 1st