Star Wars: The Complete Incredible Cross Sections
March 2007

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Publisher: DK
Author: David West Reynolds & Curtis Saxton with Kerrie Dougherty
Cover Artist: Richard Chasemore

Cover Price: $35.00
Media: Hardcover
ISBN: - 1st

This book combines the text and images from Star Wars Incredible Cross-Sections (Episodes IV-VI), Episode I Incredible Cross-Sections, Attack of the Clones Incredible Cross-Sections, and Revenge of the Sith Incredible Cross-Sections.

The illustrators are Hans Jenssen and Richard Chasemore with John Mullaney and Jon Hall.

John Knoll (Visual Effects Supervisor from Episodes I-III) provides a foreword for this edition of the book. The introductory pages features new text describing the The Old Republic and the Galactic Empire, Plus a revised Technology page as seen in the intro to the original Cross-Sections book, with the contents of Episodes I, II, and III presented in order and complete (with some minor re-ordering of the Episode III ships to accommodate gate-folds).

The Episodes IV-VI pages are presented complete and in order (with some minor re-ordering to accommodate gate-folds), with the addition the TIE Bomber (with TIE Interceptor inset), the Imperial Shuttle (complete with Endor assault squad), the RZ-1 A-wing, and the B-wing starfighter.

There are also two pages of Episode IV-VI data files, with thumbnails of the classic trilogy ships, along with their manufacturer's and specs. This is followed by 2-pages each for Hans Jenssen and Richard Chasemore detailing their process and a step-by-step of how they approach their artwork. Finally there’s a 2-page glossary and a 4-page index to complete this bind-up.

This amazing title unites all four Incredible Cross-Sections books in one volume, enlarged and updated with brand-new illustrations—including the TIE bomber, the Imperial shuttle, and the A-wing, and B-wing fighters—along with revised technical introductions, behind-the-scenes pages

Produced in close creative partnerships with the famed Lucasfilm Art Department, this definitive reference work reveals more that 50 essential spaceships and vehicles from all six Star Wars movies.

Unbelievably detailed, full-color cross-section artworks—including four massive gatefolds—peel back the layers to reveal each craft’s weapons systems, engines, hyperdrives, cockpits, and construction secrets.

Encyclopedic, authoritative text provides contexts, back-stories, and histories, while informative labels explain every intricate detail.

Original Printing
Star Wars: Incredible Cross-Sections - The Ultimate Guide to Star Wars Vehicles and Spacecraft (hardcover)
October, 1998; ISBN: 0-7894-3480-6 - 1st
Star Wars: Episode I Incredible Cross-Sections - The Definitive Guide to the Craft from Star Wars Episode I (hardcover)
May, 1999; ISBN: 0-7894-3962-X - 1st
Star Wars: Attack of the Clones Incredible Cross-Sections - The Definitive Guide to the Craft from Star Wars Episode II (hardcover)
April, 2002; ISBN: 0-7894-8574-5 - 1st
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Incredible Cross-Sections (hardcover)
April, 2005; ISBN: 0-7566-1129-6 - 1st

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