Star Wars: Classic Adventures #4 - Best of the Journal
December 1996

Publisher: West End Games
Cover Artist:

Cover Price: $20.00
Media: Softcover
ISBN: 0-87431-292-2 - 1st

"Stranded" by Chuck Truett
"The Gree Enclave" by Timothy O'Brien
"The Kaal Connection" by Peter Schweighofer and Timothy Zahn
"Relic" by George R. Strayton
"Counterstrike" by George R. Strayton
"Stand at Bhir'khi Pass" by Timothy O'Brien
"You're in the Army Now!" by James Cambias
"The Pentastar Alignment" by Anthony P. Russo
"Enemies for Life" by Stephen Luminati
"Swoop Gangs" by Wayne Humfleet and John Beyer
"The Cure" by James L. Cambias

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1- Jabba Gets ET
2- Feel The Jabba
3- Jabba Looooooves Cereal
4- Jabba Doesn't Eat No Chalupas
5- Jabba Goes To The Dentist
6- Hutts N' Roses Got Groupies
7- Jabba Gets His Jerry Beads
8- Salmon Run
9- Seabiscuit
10- Jabba Kong
11- Trying To Win The Trophy
12- Ben Hutt
13- Eight Seconds
14- Wrecking Ball
15- Aaaaall You Can Eat
16- Rushmore
17- Worrt's Supper
18- Jabba Spirit
19- Weebles Wobble
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