Star Wars: Frames
February 2011

Publisher: Insight Editions
Author: George Lucas
Cover Artist:

Cover Price: $3,000.00
Media: Box Set
ISBN: 978-1-933784-73-1 - 1st

Information on this edition can be found at the Sideshow Collectibles website, at this link.

This product is BIG. The size for it is 25.75" H (654.05mm) x 12.25" W (311.15mm) x 13.5" L (342.9mm), with each book measuring 22" H (558.8mm) x 11" W (279.4mm), bringing the total weight for the item to 210.00 lbs (95.25 kg).

The price on this edition is non-standard. Sideshow has broken the run up into five different groupings. The editions are numbered and are priced as follows: #1-250 – $4,000, #251-500 – $4,250, #501-750 – $4,500, #751-1,000 – $4,750, #1,001-1,138 – $5,000.

This product ships in three boxes: 1) Book set 1 - including prequel volumes, 2) Book set 2 - including original trilogy volumes, & 3) Display Box.

Star Wars: Frames Star Wars: Frames Star Wars: Frames Star Wars: Frames

The ultimate limited edition, Star Wars: Frames brings together master filmmaker George Lucas' personal shot-by-shot selections from all six legendary Star Wars films. Limited to only 1,138 copies and showcased in a sumptuous deco-inspired wooden box, Star Wars: Frames contains six books, each corresponding to one of the movies in the Star Wars saga: The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith, A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi.

All six books reside in the beautiful wood-inlaid box, which is adorned with two exclusive high-relief sculptures of Darth Vader and Yoda. Each limited edition is numbered and contains a special portfolio with a bookplate signed by George Lucas. For collectors and Star Wars aficionados, this history-making extremely exclusive package will live on as a grand project devoted to the art and craftsmanship of a cinematic phenomenon.

Frames presents an essentially photographic, and yet filmic, look at the cinema of George Lucas - in glorious widescreen, presented as never before on large-format press, over 1,300 images printed with the highest production values available to bookmaking.

Lucas' selections provide a visual history of Star Wars: Frames. From the abstract qualities uniquely derived from the interactions of light and film, to the superlative digital imagery, each frame is a defining moment in the narrative of Star Wars as seen through the eyes of its creator. Representative of Lucas' personal reflection on each film, Frames is an inimitable memoir of his magnum opus.

The Star Wars: Frames Book features:
  • A numbered bookplate signed by writer-director George Lucas
  • A custom limited-edition arts & crafts maple-wood case, flanked by two uniquely sculpted high-reliefs of Yoda and Darth Vader.
  • Over 1,400 frames (more than 230 frames from each Star Wars film) in six leather-bound volumes (each 22" x 11"), hand-selected and reviewed by George Lucas
  • Exceptional large-format film frames magnificently reproduced in a breath-taking original widescreen aspect ratio, as never before in the history of Lucasfilm publishing.