Star Wars #6
December 1977
"The Final Chapter?", 17ppg, $0.35

Writer, Editor: Roy Thomas
Artist, Storyteller: Howard Chaykin
Embellisher: Rick Hoberg
Embellisher: Bill Wray
Colorist: Paty Cockrum
Letterer: Carol Lay
Letterer: Michael W. Royer
Consulting Editor: Archie Goodwin

Luke Skywalker (as Blue Five), Princess Leia Organa Solo, Han Solo, Chewbacca

Wedge Antilles (as Blue Two), Biggs Darklighter (dies, as Blue Three), General Jan Dodonna, Jek Porkins (dies, known as Tono 'Piggy' Porkins, also Blue Six), Commander Bob Hudsol (unnamed), Garven Dreis (dies, unnamed except as Blue Leader), John D. (dies, unnamed except as Blue Four), Lieutenant Tanbris (unnamed officer Death Star), Rebel technician, TIE fighter pilot 2

Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin (dies), Darth Vader

Stormtrooper (Death Star patrol), TIE fighter pilot, Death Star gunner

Yavin 4, Yavin Base, Death Star

Stormtroopers, Imperial Gunner, TIE fighter pilots

X-wing starfighter, TIE fighter, TIE Advanced x1 Starfighter, Millennium Falcon

This issue concludes the official six issue adaptation of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope.

This issue contains the second letters page of Star-Words, a semi-regular occurrence for the remainder of the run. This column features letters from Ian P. Gadbois, Michael Blue, Bill Dickenson, Ruben G. Toyos, Sam Hays, and Matt Holmes.

The credits only lists 'Paty' as the colorist for this issue. I did some research on the Internet and discovered a Paty Cockrum (Dave Cockrum's wife or sister) that was doing coloring jobs for Marvel around this time and figured it was most likely her. The credits also list 'Lay & Royer' as the letterers of this issue. Similar searching turned up Carol Lay and Michael (Mike) W. Royer as letterers on Marvel comics during this time as well. Thanks to the Unofficial Handbook of Marvel Comic Creators for the names.

The lightsaber is referred to as a 'lightsabre' in this issue.
With thirty minutes until the Death Star is in range to attack the Rebel base on Yavin 4, a squadron of X-wings and Y-wings fly toward the ominous battle station. Blue Squadron made up of Blue Leader, Wedge (Blue Two), Biggs (Blue Three), Blue Four, Luke (Blue Five) and Porkins (Blue Six) lock their s-foils in attack position as they pass through the stations magnetic field.

Inside the Death Star different Imperials are wondering why the Rebels are attacking instead of defending their base. To others it makes no difference, they will get blasted out of the sky regardless.

Blue Squad flies through heavy turbolaser fire. Luke dives in towards the station and has a close call as he races into a fireball. He comes out shaken but fine.

An Imperial officer informs Lord Vader that at least thirty ships are attacking and evading the turbolaser fire. Vader orders the crews to their fighters as he climbs into his fighter to deal with the Rebels personally. The Generals in the command center let Blue Squadron know of the new threat as TIE fighters engage the X-wings.

Biggs picks up a TIE on his tail, but Luke is able to blast it before any damage occurs. Meanwhile back at the Yavin temple, the visuals have been disrupted. The generals and Leia are only able to listen to the battle, and worry about their friends.

Blue Four and Blue Six become victims of the TIE attack, as Biggs swears vengeance for the loss of his friends. Blue Leader then begins his run of the trench, as the laser fire suddenly lets up. Darth Vader in his TIE fighter and two other TIE pilots come up behind the rebel pilots. As Blue Leader fires his proton torpedoes, Vader's laser blasts find their target and he is vaporized. His torpedoes impact on the surface, barely missing their target.

Luke, Wedge and Biggs are now the Alliance's only hope, and they dive in for a trench run of their own. An Imperial officer asks Governor Tarkin if he wishes to abandon the station. He scoffs at the comment, calling it treasonous, and swears victory.

Once more Luke hears the voice of Ben Kenobi, who tells him to trust his feelings. The three X-wings race down the trench closely pursued by the TIE fighters. With inhuman precision, Vader blasts Biggs X-wing, which explodes in a ball of glowing splinters. Wedge suffers a malfunction in his ship and Luke orders him clear. As Luke lines up for his shot, it seems inevitable that he will be blasted next.

Suddenly one of the TIE fighters explodes, and the second one loses control crashing into Vader's ship and sending him spinning out into space. Luke hears Han's voice over the comlink, giving him the all clear. Luke turns off his tracking computer and, trusting his feelings, fires off a proton torpedo that hits its target precisely.

Luke blasts back into space as the Death Star fills the universe with a brilliant explosion of light and particles. Upon landing back at Yavin base, Luke is greeted by Princess Leia. Han and Chewie join them, and Leia expresses her faith in Solo's principles for returning to help. Luke believes he hears a gratified sigh, and smiles.

The three space heroes walk down a path in the crowded temple, toward Leia, the Rebel Generals and the repaired droids. She give Luke and Han a medal, but Chewbacca will have to wait and put his own on, as not many space-princesses are that tall. They stand for the cheers of the assembled crowd content in their victory.

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